Saturday, April 02, 2005

More Fanny Talk for your Pleasure

A couple of years ago I received a phonecall at work from a young male patient who asked if he could bring his girlfriend in. They'd been doing some work around the house and had an accident and she was bleeding.

I told him to bring her in straight away and informed the nurse that she'd be arriving shortly.

15 minutes later a young couple come in the door....worried expression on the face of the man....pained expression on the tear strained face of the woman. I steered them into the treatment room so she could lie down and fetched the nurse.

2 minutes later the nurse rushes past me towards one of the doctors' offices....30 seconds later the nurse rushes back with the doctor following close behind.

Later on while we were out in the kitchen, taking a short break, having a cuppa...the nurse comes in and says "They were doing something on the roof...that young lady fell through the roof and ended up straddling a ceiling beam....she's actually split her labia...the doctor's stitching it back together now...just thought you'd all like to know that". She calmly shut the door and walked away....BITCH!

The three of us women, who until then, were enjoying our cups of tea....automatically tightened our thighs and cringed.

Seeing as talking about fannies seems to get you all so interested, I thought I'd continue along the same lines for my post today. lol
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