Monday, April 11, 2005

My Monday Morning

Where do I start?

Very busy at work this morning. That's no unsual, especially for a Monday morning. As you will see, I'm not swearing in this post, so it can't have been as bad as Friday afternoon.

I had a lady caller later in the morning...she was quite upset because she'd been to see a specialist earlier today and found out she had a cyst growing on one of her ovaries. If that wasn't enough, the specialist then told her they were going to have to remove her uterus. "I'm 40 years old and I don't have any children the time I went numb and I couldn't think I've had time to think about things, I have lots of questions I want to ask. Is there any way you can fit me in to see my doctor today so I can get some answers, or perhaps another option?". I really felt for this lady, what a shock to start her week off with. I'm not ready to have any more children fact I feel I'm completely over that hurdle...besides I don't believe my body would cope with another at my age...but to have that taken away from me without any other option? I'd be gutted. Eventually we decided we'd wait until the report came through from her specialist. Until our doctor had read that report, anything that he was going to tell her would've been based on speculation. I actually ended up ringing the hospital to try and hurry this report along...if we got it earlier then at least we'd be able to answer some of the patient's questions. Unfortunately the hospital system can be awfully slow in this respect, so no report was forthcoming.

Bad news for 15 today. His boss at the bakery died in a car accident on Saturday. I heard the news from one of the nurses at work...and I immediately rang the College to get hold of 15...apparently it had been broadcast on the radio this morning. I was expecting that one of his school mates had already told him...and I wanted to know how he was coping with it. I spent a good part of this morning holding back tears....I didn't know this man, but I knew what he meant to my son...I went through my morning smiling at patients, but my heart aching to be with my son. As it turned out, he didn't know....not until he turned up here at home and I spoke to him. He's understandably upset. He talked alot about his Boss and the type of man he was, and he spoke about this man's family and how much he felt for the two sons that he'd come to know so well. The oldest son had hired 15...the younger one was quite a bit younger (approx 10)....and each time he came into the bakery, he followed 15 around like a puppy dog....15 said he reckoned this youngster followed him around so much because he was the closest one to his age that worked there.

30 minutes after getting in the door after work...I got a phone call from the Deputy Principal at the college....I thought she was ringing me about 15, to let me know how he was doing. But nope...she was ringing about 14. Apparently, he'd had another 'incident' in class....minor compared to the first one, but telling a teacher (the Deputy Principal at that), to "Get Stuffed" ranks up there as almost as bad as telling his maths teacher "I wouldn't care if I killed you". I'm at my wit's end with this kid. Tomorrow morning, we will be fronting up to the school again at 9am.

The boys' father came around this afternoon. I filled him in on what's been happening with the boys today and then I had a chat with him about the 6 year old that lives with him and his girlfriend. He's the girlfriend's nephew. Her sister and two children are living there also. The daughter is a well mannered, good natured child. But the son? Oh my God...every weekend my kids go to their Dad's they come home spouting off about this 6 year old and what he's done or said. This weekend he punched 15 in the balls and punched his father in the face. He's undisciplined, unruly and I've been wondering if he may have ADD. My ex doesn't live in a particuarly large when my kids are there, it's even more of a squash for them. I had to tell their father today that his children were so unhappy with this arrangement that I didn't want to keep pushing them to stay with him every second weekend. The Ex tells me, he's very unhappy with it himself. He's been looking at finding elsewhere to live...just him....he's had enough of the relationship with his girlfriend of 5 years...things have not been good for quite some time now and he wants out. I know what my Ex is like....he'll likely keep bobbing along in the same situation regardless of how it feels, just so he doesn't have to deal with the drama of leaving. By the expression on his face at hearing that his children were not keen to continue their fortnightly visits with him, maybe..just maybe...this will give him the shove he needs to do something about it. I'm not encouraging him to leave his girlfriend...but I'd be pleased no end if he left her. She doesn't appear to have any maternal instincts...and as Canada says, she's basically his drinking buddy. I'd have to agree with that.

Before he turned up, I read a couple of blogs, found out I had inadvertantly upset a very special reader of mine. Hopefully I've managed to smooth that part of my day out anyway.

All this happened before 2pm today....I hope the rest of you have/had a better Monday than I did! I can't be arsed reading this back to myself, so I hope that all this rambling makes some kinda sense to someone!
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