Friday, April 08, 2005

My Shift Sucked!

After posting this morning, about how much I enjoy my job...I had the most shitface fucked up afternoon...there were so many patients I felt like smashing in the face! No wonder I became a hero at the surgery when I said I'd take on doing Friday afternoons for 3 months!!! Fuck sake, it was horrible! Stupid fucken bastardy impatient people who have no compassion in their small minds for others. How am I supposed to keep these people happy?? And why should I? They don't give a toss about anyone but themselves anyway.

I've done plenty of Friday afternoons before....done it because the usual receptionist needed a 3 month I KNOW what doing Fridays entails....I went to work this afternoon braced and ready for the onslaught...but Mary Mother of God! time I'm gonna be wearing armour and carry a damn cow prod.

I'm so exhausted after today's shift that I don't even want to think about it. The thought of it exhausts me.

I'm now on my third triple bourbon and coke....I'm starting to relax a little now.

Anyway...enough about are the rest of you doing?? *hic*
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