Friday, April 29, 2005

The Power of Deception

After all the bitching I did last week about my internal organs and lack of periods etc, this morning I woke at 5.30am and had to get out of bed to clean up the mess my body had made. Yes, I can hear all the "Eew!"s you lot just said, I have extra special hearing abilities don't ya know.

Now if I haven't made you shudder with disgust and scared you off with that, here's my post for the day.

After Operation Bleech, I came online and read some blog stuff for half an hour. As my eyes were forcing themselves to close and my body was starting to droop over the keyboard, I realised I really should've been back in off I trotted. I had a really odd dream. Something strange about the bed kinda rocking and then my body gravitating off the mattress (still in the fetal position cos it's so cold here). It was when I flew through the wall painlessly that it was confirmed, this really was a weird dream (although at the time I thought "How cool!").

Half an hour later, after a lot of thumping at the door had woken me and I'd paid the lawn man, I'm back lying in bed. I call out to my sons "Hellooo?"...silence....."Yoo hooooo, is anyone else awake in my house yet?"....nothing....."Does anyone want McDonalds for breakfast?"....*mumble mumble* (from 15's room).....HA!

"What was that sorry? Do you want McDonalds for breakfast?"
"Yes, I dooo"....
"Can you get up, and come with me then?"
"Yes ok"
20 minutes later
"15? Are you up yet?"
*Sleepily* "No....I'll get up now"
10 minutes later
"15? Are you dressed yet?"
*Wearily* "No, just doing that now"

It was kinda cool being able to have the power to get him moving so early in the day..yeah ok, so it was 'McDonalds' power, but it still worked for me.

I could hear him rummaging around in his bedroom....he was frantically getting dressed. I heard him swear as he kicked his toe against one of his floor toms (he has a drum kit in his bedroom) and 5 minutes later his bedroom door 'wooshed' open and his body, with it's t-shirt on inside out, went rushing down the hallway to the lounge and said "Ok, I'm ready" to.......nobody. Hahaha.

The look on his face when he came slowly back down the hallway, to find his mother and her sheepish grin, still tangled amongst her warm bed covers, was priceless.
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