Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I'm from a family of 4 children....I came in second...3 girls, 1 boy (my brother was molly coddled through his years from scores of adoring females, namely his sisters and my mother. Then he became a 6'2" hunk of spunk in a policeman's uniform...and, can imagine..his adoring female family members were tossed to the side). My father was relieved by this...he'd had visions of his only son turning into a 'nancy boy'.

Years ago, when I was a youngster...and I mean, younger than 10, my two sisters (12 and 6) and I all slept in the same room. My older sister used to entertain us with bedtime stories about Elvis Presley. Well, actually, more about Lisa Marie Presley...cos she pretended that she knew her really well (they're the same age you see). I guess this is where my sister became so good at lying as she got older.

Some nights we used to have singing competitions. Each one of us would sing a song of some kind...and the other two would judge how good we thought they were. This would last until a major fight broke out over who had the best voice..or because one of us had said the other was out of key or whatever. Then my mother would be banging on the kitchen ceiling downstairs (which was directly below our bedroom) with a broomstick handle, and we'd hear her yelling at us "You lot go to sleep, before I have to come up there and make you unconscious". Ok, she never said the last part, but we all knew that's what she meant.

My older sister and I lived to taunt my younger sister. And one such night we had told her she was adopted. We told her that she had been left on the front door step of the local police station and that mum and dad had felt so sorry for her that we'd taken her in as part of our family...but only for the time being....unless of course she misbehaved so badly, they'd come and take her back. My younger sister was quite the tyrant...she had a vicious temper...and the term "spoiled brat" comes to mind when I think of her. Thank God she eventually grew up.

Anyway....we then went on to tell her that because of recent events...(can't remember now, but she'd been misbehaving)...and the fact that she was so difficult to handle...that my parents had finally had enough...and the lady was coming back to take her away on Tuesday. She cried for AGES...and from what I'd been told by my mother....years later, my sister would still ask her if she'd been adopted. I feel bad thinking back to that now.

When we moved out of that house a few years later...the only thing we left behind were a lot of small round indentations on the kitchen ceiling.
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