Wednesday, April 06, 2005

What to Say, What to Say?

I'm restless. I'm fridgeting. I've been back and forth to the tv to watch an episode of Third Watch that my kids taped for me last night, and as much as I love this programme, I'm getting up and down during it and pacing round the house.

I'm also hungry for some reason. I sat watching Third Watch, eating my cereal covered with sliced banana, which is actually rather tasty, but today? it's kinda bleech....and I've just finished eating an orange....but I think my body is crying out for something else...and I don't even know what. Carbs? nah....chocolate, nah...a 6 foot Canadian male?..well yeah, all the time...but I don't think that's it. *sigh*

What the hell's wrong with me today??!

Speaking of Canada...I'm talking to him on yahoo...he said that if I have no fodder for my blog today, then perhaps I should go out and run someone over...then later, I can come home and tell you all about my adventure. I guess he meant "later" as in...after I've been arrested, booked and finger-printed at the police station...and after I've embarrassed the name of the brother, who used to be stationed there...and after I've rung and upset my mother with my one phone call. Or maybe he means after I've dealt with the insurance company...cried about my broken windshield that someone just threw their body at, and lay myself in the body-dent on the hood of my car.

Anyway, I'm going to try coming back later and impressing (translation = boring) you all with a post about part of my childhood.

I'm thinking now might be a good time for me to be doing the "100 Things" about me. But that could end up an incredibly long post....perhaps I should take a leaf out of Denny's book, and do it in bits and pieces each day...maybe 5 at a time. The thought of trying to come up with 100 things purely about moi is a tad daunting right now.
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