Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Where's your little one right now?

My best friend rang me last night...unfortunately she's not been feeling so hot health-wise recently. Yesterday afternoon she lay down in the back room to rest her weary body and close her eyes. However long later she got up and went into the kitchen...the phone's the police.

Apparently my 5 year old godson had rung NZ's emergency phone number of 111 and told them he was home alone. He backed this up with "My Mummy went to the shop to get icecream and my friend Nathan is being mean to me". The police woman that rang back said that they'd had quite a nice conversation. Course, my friend hadn't left him alone at all...she was still there...and he knew exactly where she was. This is commonly known as 'taking advantage of a situation' or 'changing the expression on Mummy's face in a split second'.

Those that have young children are aware that kiddies don't stay in bed until 9am every day as we'd often like them to. They're usually up at the crack of dawn and ready to rock for the day. To begin with they come and harrass their parents...shaking them...jumping on them...sometimes inserting things into their sleeping nostrils. As they get older they leave their parents alone, and rummage through the kitchen to concoct their own breakfasts. These concoctions can involve such things as leftover chocolate cake...high caffeine fizzy drinks...and sometimes just big bites out of a slab of butter..that are evident by the teeth marks in it when later discovered by their parents. Other times the kids go all out and pull out bowls and crack eggs (shell an' all) and mix in a multitude of cocoa pops and fruit loops ...raisins...curry powder....and a pack of stale crisps they've found in the back of the pantry. Can you image if they rebelled against the "don't touch the stove" and cooked something up of this calibre??

These days, my two teens will drag their sorry butts out of bed around 11am during the holiday break...14 will have a yoghurt and a piece of fruit for breakfast (sounds healthy right? but I know better and he is being lazy and cheating)...15 on the other hand would live on bacon sandwiches...and if he's not cheating by grabbing a 'liquid' breakfast, he'll fry up bacon and toast some bagels.

So, do you have anything to share about your kids and their mixing/cooking abilities? I'd love to hear them.
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