Saturday, May 28, 2005

Be Careful Who You Talk To

I've been following back some of the 'referring' websites that come into my blog lately and I've found some quite interesting stuff in the process of doing this.

Anyway, here are some of the words that have been typed in the google search box that has brought me up on their screens:

- Itchy fanny
- meeting lover each other
- reading ex girlfriends blog
- my husband my bra in bed
- his girlfriend died in a car accident 4 years ago
- 100 things (way hey, I saw some of my blog friends on there, go figure)
- Ive had the time of my life wav file
- hubby lover

Pretty tame, but still, it's always cool to be googled in any shape or form, right?

Anyways, I googled the name of my blog (holy shit, do you know how many zillions of things out there have got the words 'internet lovers' in them?? I always knew it was a stupid name for my website.) Whilst running my eyes down this list, I saw a link that caught my eye that I just HAD to go and look at. If I was quick thinking enough at time I would've kept the link and let you read it yourselves...but seeing as I was in dimwit mode, I'll have to tell you myself.

Headline: Lesbian Online Relationship Ends Terribly When Both Men Meet. (See? now you know why I had to go have a look)
It seems that several years ago a couple of men went into a lesbian chat room to amuse themselves with some hot girl on girl talk. Both impersonated lesbians (which we all know is possible from behind these screens of ours), and joined in the conversations...eventually the two of them hooked up on IM and had a ripe old time with dirty talk, turning each other on like crazy. (I'm doing a bad job of this, fuck, I wish I could find that link again lol). This went on for 5 years....yep, you heard it right...for FIVE YEARS! For 5 years, these two were thinking they had a hot sexy lesbian on the other side of the screen getting them off. I guess they had exchanged pics....obviously not real ones...and both had been reluctant to meet in person (ya think??). Eventually the time came when they decided they should meet....thinking that once 'she' met him, and realised 'she' had been talking to a male, 'she' would still love him for who he was (which is what exactly?? a lying scum sucking slimy bum lick??) and would forgive him the presentation of unexpected genitalia and they'd make passionate animal sex (and if he was lucky 'she'd' bring a friend along?).

So, the big day arrives, the two of them meet in a public place...both waiting around, looking for their 'girlfriend'...until the place becomes almost deserted and there's no options left but men. One approaches the other (who apparently was carrying a bunch of flowers for 'her')...reality of the situation dawns...things get a bit sketchy here, but a few comments were exchanged and the meeting ended abruptly when one of them vomitted on the other.

'She' really showed 'her' didn't 'she'?... Now let that be a lesson to ya!
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