Saturday, May 07, 2005

Her Thoughts

She's restless. Everything is annoying her. Little irritations picking away at her....digging deep into her stomach. The man at the shopping centre that wouldn't get out of her way fast enough...the baby that kept crying, with no end of the noise seeming in the near future...what was it's mother doing anyway?...maybe it just wanted to be picked up out of it's restraints and cuddled. She wanted to cuddle that baby.

She's feeling impatient. Everything not being done quick enough. Details being forgotten. Her home is in order but her mind is disorganised, she wanders around moving items from one room to the next. Things that don't need moving. Everything is in it's it should be....tidy, hospital corners on a bed. Just so. But something is missing...a loneliness rises inside her...winding it's way up her inner torso....she forces it back down for fear of choking on it.

She lays down on her neatly made bed, eyes closed. Thoughts and visions flash across the darkness. Images of mountains and craters.....hundreds of people...planes descending and ascending....the black of the water at night during the boat's crossing....the squirrel darting across the park and up a tree trunk...the beautiful sculptures on the walls of parliament. The warmth of a man's hand holding hers....the love in his eyes when he looks down on her. The soft touch of his mouth manipulating hers...sucking on each others tongues...savouring the taste and feel of every tiny curve and fold in their smiles....she remembers and feels her body melting in that memory.

As she lays quietly....thinking...wondering...still remembering....her hands start to move from the resting place on her stomach...they glide over her waist and up further to cup her breasts....palms slowly circling the fleshy mounds through the material of her shirt. Her nipples harden and she groans. She lays there stroking...caressing....her breathing changing rhythm. She recalls the flick of his tongue over her nipples...the sound of his breathing as he sucked and licked them...nibbling them, sending her into a frenzy of desire.

Her pussy's aching...desperate for attention. One hand slides down to slip under the fabric of her panties and covers the mound of soft hair....she feels the warmth rising from between her legs. Her fingers spread the swollen threshold to find the core of the ache....she gasps. The moist heat covers her fingers as she starts to slowly rub the engorged button...the slippery wetness of her centre arousing the love and devotion she remembers.

Fingers circling and rubbing...sliding back and forth ....the smell of her own sexuality surrounds her, heightening her focus....ragged breathing....legs tightly squeezed, hips tense and waiting for release....the other hand snakes above her head to grip the slats in the headboard....her back is arched...groaning aloud with the sheer enjoyment of pleasuring....she inhales sharply as she recalls the delicious sensation of his hardness entering her for the first time...her throaty whisper is spoken to an empty room... "Ooooh Baby, that feels soooo good"....teeth now biting her bottom lip.....the heat grows stronger....rubbing faster and faster....heat building....hotter and hotter...sounds of her whimpering and moaning fill the room. The hot embers burst into flame as a rush of adrenalin explodes within...she cries out passionately, her body jerking and shuddering with the intensity of her lust.

She lays still...slowly spiraling back down into the real world...her heart rate slowing to normal...ragged breathing now silenced. Opening her eyes, she stares at the ceiling....thinking again....remembering....wishing. A single tear escapes.
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