Sunday, May 15, 2005

Hey! Guess What?!

Morning everyone...thanks to Walker and his determination....I've just had a play with a new audio programme, which I'm hoping you can see over there in my sidebar. Have a listen and see what you think.

Oh and I REALLY don't have a lisp in real life, I'm not sure if I had the mic too close to my head or whether it has something to do with the quality of the recording programme, but there's a lisp there all the same.

I didn't have my blog open while I was playing with the audio thing, so I'm afraid I couldn't remember who had commented (bit slack of me really, it's not like I had hundreds of you to remember)...Now that I've gone back in and had a look..oh dear....I'm very sorry Chaotic Serenity and MrHaney, but I forgot to mention you in it. Katya got a mention and she wasn't even on my comments! lol

It's kinda fun to play with in a 'lispy' sorta way.

Anyway, go have a listen and a play yourself and see if we can turn the blogging audio world on it's ear lol.
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