Sunday, May 29, 2005

I Never Have...(Yet)

Last week sometime I was tagged by the very loveable DB (well he was very loveable until he tagged me for this, j/k dear ).

This meme is all about 10 things I haven't done (yet) and from what I've read on other people's blogs, this can be as bizarre or as down to earth as you like.

Right, here's my offering to the masses:

1. I have never sky dived (and why would I? I have no desire at all to jump out of a perfectly good airplane - unless the engines all cut out and I had no other choice.)

2. I have never been naked and harnessed to the ceiling for a night of sex and debauchery (and I shall never be, unless Walker is happy to have me and the entire ceiling come crashing down on him.)

3. I have never danced whilst drunk on a table or a bar in a public place (although after watching Coyote Ugly, I have thought about it...I stopped myself from this display..I would hate to have fallen and broken a bone, or worse yet, a fingernail.)

4. I have never taken longer than 4 hours to give birth (yes, I'm a lucky bitch, thank you, thank you *takes a bow*.)

5. I have never been tied up during sex (I will be at some stage...but only if the ties are fairly loose and I can get out of my restraints easily...I'm not good at being held down, it's a control freak kinda thing..which I guess defeats the whole purpose.)

6. I have never been tolerant of small minded or judgemental people that gossip or mock others. (Although I have at times been one myself...this is commonly known as double standards.)

7. I have never been able to understand the intricacies of HTML (and most likely never will...after messing around with my template and screwing it's easier to throw 15 at the computer and yell "JUST FIX IT!!".)

8. I have never had a 'blackout' while drinking alcohol (it was bad enough spewing my guts out all over the toilet floor when I missed the bowl...I had an amazing recovery that particular night...I know the precise moment it happened - everything I'd just barfed out came into crystal-clear focus.)

9. I have never eaten brussel sprouts, olives or haggis (just the thought of them makes me turn green *shudder*)

10. I have never slapped a man for getting 'fresh' with me (I usually just fall to the ground, hike up my skirt and wait in anticipation for the lovin' to start...JUST KIDDING! sheesh, you all believed that didn't you??)

I shan't be tagging anyone (for fear of having a hit taken out on me), but if you feel a screaming need to join in, feel free to participate, the more the merrier.

Yay, I did it! My work here is I'm off to find out what the rest of you have been up to.
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