Monday, May 30, 2005

My Sunday

I've had a pretty cruisy weekend. I'm fairly sure I didn't put my foot outside the door all of Saturday. Yesterday (Sunday), I drove 15 to work at 5.50am, dropped into visit my friend at the cafe, who whizzed me up a large moccacino and came home to write and post my daily offering to you all, then ran around everyone on my list and read what you'd all been up to.

By 8am it seemed I had no energy left, I needed my bed I crawled back into bed and rang Walker (I couldn't bear being upright in front of the PC, and I couldn't be stuffed getting the laptop booted up for a headset I just rang, it was the fastest and easiest option right then).

He was surprised to hear from me via that avenue. Once we started talking daily over the headsets, using the phone was obviously the more expensive option but I couldn't have given a toss yesterday....I was tired, I wanted my bed, and I wanted to hear his it all worked for me. We chatted for an hour or so and then he mentioned something about somebody's tits and that stuck in my head for a while. In fact, for some unknown reason, I appear to be obssessed with my own these days, so talking about boobs in any shape or form had me thinking of my own and blah blah blah...Boo-Yah territory was imminent.

How does this happen? One minute we can be talking about something completely unrelated to the subject and the next we're fully in the throes of it all. I was is it possible I still had the energy?? Last week, in between shifts, I came home and had a chat with him over the thing ya know, I'm on the floor in front of the PC. And you all know how tired and whingey I was last week, right?

I guess this is what happens when you don't have each other in real time. Chances are if we were living together, I'd have constructed my own "Wall of No", (hope you don't mind Lisa and DataMonkey), down the centre of the bed and he'd be strapping on climbing gear to scale it's heights. OR...better yet...he might clip on a builder's utility belt and hardhat and tear it down altogether. Phew, that get-up's a fantasy all in itself.
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