Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Sunday afternoon I met a good friend of mine for coffee in the mall. Another mutual friend of ours came along and joined us. It was good to catch up with both of them. Eventually something began to bother me...we had discussed what each of them were up to...and then I filled them in on what I'd been doing...mentioned blogging...talked about Walker's imminent trip to New Zealand etc...one asked me questions, genuinely interested...she's spoken to Walker online (and over the phone at one stage). The other, was completely uninterested about anything to do with online activity...she made it extremely obvious by deliberately looking away...staying out of the conversation completely...occasionally 'slapping' the table with her hand, with what I saw was utter boredom.

We didn't talk about online stuff for ages...must've been all of 5 minutes...I was extremely annoyed by her attitude but said nothing. I understand that those that don't get online as often as I do, don't understand the concept of what really goes on here, but to brush it aside with such distain?...that fucked me off. How rude of her. I sat there and listened to what she said, asking what I thought were good questions to show I was indeed listening and interested in what she was saying and what she'd been doing with her life recently. Yet she had totally disregarded what I was doing with mine. Perhaps I'm being too sensitive with this, but I would never disregard anyone in such a way. Does this ever happen to you?

Later my other friend and I went for a quick necessary trip through the supermarket, and we prattled on about bits and pieces...I asked her at one stage if she thought we were complicated women...she preferred to refer to us as 'interesting' with our fingers in lots of pies. Variety being the spice of life an' all that, this made me feel a little better about the complex character I appear to have become over the last couple of weeks in particular. "Why does it seem that so many divorced women are on their own for so long?" I ask her as we're sidling down the cereal aisle..."Do you think it's because as we get older we tend to become more aware of what we want and expect too much out of the opposite sex?".

We ran into a work colleague of my friend down the alcohol aisle, they say a quick hello and we continued on..."I hope she doesn't think you're my partner"...."And why's that? Are you ashamed to be seen in public with me?"..."No of course not, don't be silly"..."If you wanted me to get dressed up and wear make up for you, you only had to say so earlier...you know I strive to be perfect in your eyes" *snort*.

As I'm inspecting the cartons of eggs, checking to see if any are broken in one box, I continue asking questions..."Do you think it's because we've become more selective about who we spend our time with?"...."And do you think those that have either remarried or are in another long term relationship have just settled for what they have?"....."Or do you think that because they've had the past experience of one marriage, they can now go into the next with their eyes open and love and accept all the joys and pitfalls it can bring no longer wearing rose tinted glasses?"

As I'm discreetly removing my knickers from my arse crack where they've so diligently ridden to..."God, now I know why I stopped wearing this particular pair of panties. Don't you just hate it when that happens?"....I turn to my left waiting for an answer...and look straight into the eyes of a smiling bemused gentleman beside me. I look passed him to see the back of my friend at the other end of the aisle, deaf to my most recent question. *clears throat* "Well? Don't you?". "If you give me a quick look I might be able to offer judgement on the offending article of clothing"..."Um..pass...but thank you for your concern".

The result: One red faced female marching proudly away from the vicinity of the eggs....trying so hard to stop herself from laughing that snot almost flew out of her nostrils.

Note to self: Stop asking so many questions.
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