Saturday, May 21, 2005

Time to Lie Down

There doesn't appear to be much of me left when I get home from work these days. I have no sense of humour, my tolerance level is extremely small and any little thing that I can see in a negative sense is seen exactly that way. I say things I forget not long after and I pay for the consequences when pulled up on it by others later. Maybe I need to take more vitamins at the moment.

On Wednesday when I got home from work I was knackered. Of course I was...I'd stayed up too friggin' late the night before hadn't I? I ended up lying on the sofa with the headset on and listening to Walker read your blogs to me...this is otherwise known as 'cheating'. This also meant I didn't have to sit upright but I could still keep up with what was happening in your worlds. When I'm feeling tired and slow, the only thing I really want to do is climb into bed and have a cuddle with my favourite man...considering the distance involved right now...that's not this was the next best thing. It was great...I could lie down, with my eyes closed, listen to his voice and be kept up to date on you all. As time went on I could feel myself drifting to sleep...occasionally he would laugh at something funny and I'd have to shake myself and say "Oh, can you read that part again? I think I just missed something". He was very patient with me and would repeat it. Knowing my temperament at the time...if I'd been the one doing the reading...I just know I would've come back with something bitchy like "Oh for crying out loud..Am I wasting my breath here??...Why didn't you listen to me the first time when I said it??!" But no, he kept going and did a splendid job at putting up with me. Thank you Walker.

This morning, I'm still feeling slow....I've put some washing in the machine...emptied the dishwasher...made some porridge for breakfast...and sat down in front of the telly and watched some drivel of a movie, don't even know what it's name was, so I'd certainly not be labelled as being very observant these days.

I got a lovely compliment from one of the patients that rang in yesterday morning. When I answered the phone she said "My God, have you been there all night? you answered the phone when I rang last night". I told her that I had been doing extra hours...covering for Allison while she was away in Spain...she said "Well as far as I'm concerned she can stay there forever...she's rude as hell. You're the best one they've got there, and I've told the doctor that they should have you on the front desk all the time...I hate having to deal with anyone else". Besides the fact that she'd run down one of my co-workers, it was nice to hear that she appreciated my work.

Unfortunately a little later I received another call from a mother who tells me her son has had a nasty chest cold for the past week and could she get someone to see him today. She rang 2 hours before we closed, and already all the 'emergency' appointments had been taken...we had so many patients 'squashed' on top of other apointments...there really wasn't anywhere for me to put him. She got defensive.

Me: Do you feel it's urgent?
Her: No, but he's had this for over a week now and I want to have him seen before the weekend. Don't you have emergency appointments set aside each day?
Me: Yes, but I'm afraid they've all gone already. It's been an extremely busy day.
Her: I'm going to have to go to the After Hours Clinic then aren't I?
Me: Well with the way our afternoon is, it would certainly be quicker for you to take your son to the after hours surgery...he'll be seen a lot sooner there. I'm very sorry. I certainly don't like turning away patients, especially young children, but there honestly isn't any where I can fit him in this afternoon.
Her: I see. I think I'll just go to [insert surgery name here] instead. And tell me, what do I have to do to transfer my medical files? This happens too often, it's time I changed to a clinic that can go the extra mile for it's patients.
Me: Ok, well, when you go to [surgery name], ask at reception for a transfer form. You need to sign it for yourself and anyone in your family under the age of 16. The clinic will fax that form to us, and we will mail your records directly to your new doctor. Would you like me to start getting them ready for you now?
Her: *click*

What I wanted to say to her was:

"Listen up Lady, your son has had a nasty chest cold for over a week now and on a Friday afternoon, with 2 hours before closing, you've decided it's time to take him to the doctor? Not only have you waited too long to make an appointment, you've stated it's not urgent. Why the hell didn't you take him to get checked during the week? We have 4 late nights in this surgery, you could've picked any other day. Why the hell didn't you even try ringing earlier today?? I have three doctors working hard this of which is 8 and a half months pregnant, who has been doing a fantastic job at juggling patients of an urgent nature all fucking day long. Don' t you dare threaten me by saying you'll go to another surgery...that won't work with me...I won't bow down to pressure like that...I could care less about your business are not the only patient we look after...I care even less about your ratshit attitude. Now fuck off wasting time with this crap and find somewhere else that might actually be able fit him in."

Right, I feel better now I've got that out of my system. I'm off now to read and comment on the rest of you.
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