Thursday, June 23, 2005

Back to the Norm

I'm not sure I have much to write about all blew me away with the force of your good wishes yesterday, I'm exhausted lol. Thank you so much everyone...I was deeply touched to receive all your birthday greetings. Thank you also to Walker, Bella, Fizzy and June for their extra special blog wishes.

Back to work today, it was extremely busy but sweetened by the huge bunch of flowers my work colleagues gave me. The young man I blogged about recently is not a concern at the moment...he was picked up by the police and has been locked away for a couple of weeks, pending psychiatric assessment. This finally happened after he leapt in front of a couple of moving vehicles, yelling and screaming at the drivers. Unfortunately, he chose to jump in front of one of the other ladies I work with....she was on her way to the surgery, and turned up quite hysterical.

Last night, I had a play around with the webcam that Walker sent me. Finally I was able to open the box that had been sitting at my feet for almost two months. I have to tell you, these parcels of Walker's are never easy to get into....I think Customs must take one look at them and think "bugger that, I'm not even going to bother" lol...maybe that's the whole idea. He covers the entire package in sellotape that's 2 inches thick. In fact, I think he gives it a double layer to be sure. Obviously that never stops me from opening them. With the way I get into these parcels and the varying sizes of scissors and knives I've had to use, I could give any mass murderer a run for his money...or at the very least I should be thinking about doing informmercials for Ginsu knives or the like.

One day when I'm feeling ready and brave enough, I might even have a go at the audio programme and use the camera function on it as well...that way you'll be able to see me at the same time as I'm talking (similar to what Denny did yesterday I guess). I know you're all feeling extremely excited about the thought of this, so I'll try not to make you wait too long.

Anyway, long story made short, I got home from work....came online and we hooked up together to see if I'd managed to install it properly. It worked great...yay! the next half hour or so was spent with us grinning at each other. That was prior to me heading into the shower (Walker asked me if the webcam cord reached that far lol). Now I'm sitting here after the shower, slopping around in my trackpants etc, my hair damp and still unbrushed...obviously with no intention of turning the webcam on at the moment lol.
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