Saturday, June 18, 2005


I've been thinking about friendship lately. The people we meet in real life, and the ones we meet online and the differences between the two.

For those that I'm close to in real life, I can hug and kiss and see their smiles, watch them change and grow as the years rush past. I can hold them when they cry and laugh with them in joy and celebration of all the milestones and special events that happen in our lives. I can physically touch their bodies....feel their warmth, see the expressions on their faces change and feel sure I know what thoughts are going through their minds.

For my online friends that's not possible. We can only 'feel' the changes they go through by reading their words. As we become enthralled in our internet lives, we learn to use font size and smilies to emphasise words and feelings we're experiencing at that time. Some are still learning the best way to express themselves and get their point across via this media....others are masters of the language.

From the time I started blogging, I have made several friendships with you people. Some of you may not even know it. Connecting with people online and connecting with people in real life is obviously quite different. But when it comes down to how they make us feel inside, the heart strings they move and the physical warmth that can ensue from our screens, is it not the same as our real life buddies?

Bella, I don't know what it is, but I always feel the need to know what you're doing and how you're going through life. The articulate way you write and the feeling I get from your words is frustrating to me...but only because I want so much to be able to grab hold of you and hug you. I love your spirit. The spunk with which you go through life is wonderful. I feel so fortunate to have you come in here from time to time and comment. When Walker asked you the question on his site about being approached by a mugger etc, what would you do? I told him over the headset "She would've kicked the guy in the head before he had the chance to utter the words 'hand me your wallet' lol" I love the way you always have so many questions for our bloggers on their comments, you HAVE to know more...another thing I love about you.

Fizzy, you have such a strength about you. I so enjoy reading you. The ups and downs of your life are put out there for all to read and ponder....the rawness of your posts of late have my heart aching for you and all you've gone through and still dealing with. I admire and respect you for achieving all that you have over the years. Those around you are truly blessed to have you in their lives.

Aren't you two glad I live in New Zealand? I think I may have just given you the impression I'd be stalking your doorsteps if I was able to lol.

I treasure both sides of the 'friendship fence' in my life. The internet side of it is obvious to those that read can it not be? How and where I met Walker and the impact he had on me through his words, is proof of that alone. How can we not want to pull him into our lives in some way? Or maybe it's more that he shoves himself into our lives...some of the "in your face" style he writes with, can make you think "my god, is this guy for real?!". Trust me, there are no hidden alcoves in the face of Walker....he is just as you read him....he can have you laughing out loud or make your jaw drop at the bluntness of his words....make you shiver at where he's been and what he's done in his past. Yet in the next breath, he can make your heart ache when he spews his thoughts out about those he loves and who he's lost...and he can make you want to scream for the sheer unfairness of geographical errors of not being in closer proximity to him (ok, that might just be me lol).

I receive so much from my friends. I have those that I can lay back with, relax and shoot the breeze all night...others to go out dancing until I drop, yet keep dragging me back for more....and I have those that mill in and out at various times of my life, all making a lasting impression in some form or other. I'm a firm believer in the saying "our lives are influenced by the people we meet and the books we read". How lucky am I? I have been influenced by people I've met on here by reading their 'books'. That's a win/win situation for me.

Thank you all, each and every one of you.... for sharing parts of your world with me...I am honoured that you have become part of mine.

A good friend is someone who will bail you out of jail,
A best friend is in the cell next to you saying "Damn! that was fun!"
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