Monday, June 27, 2005

It's All Just Crap Anyway

I've been sitting here for the past 30 minutes clicking back and forth through various screens on my PC. Not blogging, but just the windows I've got open at the moment....Outlook Express....MSN Messenger...Internet email from Anna....blah blah get the idea.

I've been clicking around here, not doing anything in particular because I'm trying to think up something interesting to post today. I have finally come to the conclusion that I have nothing. Nothing to stimulate your senses pretty pictures to post to make you smile...nope...nothing. So I give up....I will just tell you what I did today. There is nothing of monumental value in what I've achieved (besides removing the cat crap out of the bath...again...aaaarrrgggghhh!). Here it day.

I wake to find a puddle of cat poop in the bath (yes I know I just told you that, but hey, if I have to endure it, so do are afterall, such a part of my life these days)...oh yay, more presents *rolls eyes*...I took one look "Oh ffs, I'm not coping with that at this hour of the morning"...and left it there to deal with upon my homecoming.

Work was frantically busy. There were plenty of free appointments up for grabs when I got there....we turned the phone on at 8am....and were fully booked by 8.20am. That's a lot of talking to be had in 20 minutes I can tell you. The rest of the morning was spent squashing patients on top of others or taking messages for the nurses. When I first started this job I actually had rather nice God...I have trouble reading my own scrawl. I believe this is due to taking so many messages in such a hurry. I also seemed to be surrounded by paperwork. It annoys me that the doctors decide they need to be at work during the weekend...thus leaving little piles of paperwork strewn across the front desk, that need attention when I arrive on a Monday morning.

I came home, cleaned the bathroom and restrained the twitching in my leg from kicking the cat (my foot so wanted to do it!). Sat down to watch some telly and have something to eat. And now here I am. I could tell you that I 'egg and crumbed' schnitzel for dinner, caught up with both my offspring on their arrival home from school and put up with hearing 15 and three of his friends playing dungeons and dragons in the dining room (that was after one friendly chap, waved hello to Walker on the webcam). I could tell you, I've peeled potatoes and carrots to go with the schnitzel...put my head in 14's bedroom door, reminded (translated: nagged) him to do his homework and received another one of those beautiful scowls from him.

Yes, I could tell you all that, but I suspect you'd be so totally uninterested you'd rather forensically investigate the inside of the oven while the gas is hissing through it's vents.

Aren't you glad I relented and saved you from that?

You: Thank you!

You're Welcome!
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