Thursday, June 30, 2005

It's A Rant

Had a complaint against me at work today. Actually it was from one of the nurses...the same nurse that tipped me over the edge last month, when I had my boo hoo moment in the kitchen (I was also PMSing at the same time...a bad combination at the best of times...HOW DARE SHE??!).

Today she complained that Annette and I have been leaving the front desked unmanned too often. This isn't a difficult task....I find I'm forever chasing off around the office to find nurses, or rushing into the doctor's rooms to explain something to them...asking them questions from patients that have rung etc...before they take in their next patient. As far as I'm aware, this can't be helped. The desk is never unmanned for any longer than a minute at most, and we pick and choose the moments we leave it. I often ask the patient that's just come out of the doctor's room if they can give me a moment while I grab the doctor. I'll get the occasional disgruntled look, and if that happens, I'll stick around...grab the doctor next time.

Anyway, the practice manager has asked me to note next time it happens and why....I fear I'm going to spend my time writing more notes...stupid ones at that too. But she wants to at least have some sort of come back when the complaint happens again. Notice I say "when"...not "if"....because this is not the first time this particular nurse has complained about somebody. From what I can gather, the partners are starting to get fed up with her complaints.

Fuck her (the nurse that is, not the practice manager). If she thinks she can do my job sitting on her arse all day long, then so be it. See how much she manages to achieve doing that.

Onto other news. I came home from work to try and sort out a rather lengthy tax problem I'm having. Apparently I owe the tax department over $3,000. Now this is only for 1year...way back in the 2002/03 bracket. I rang them last year to find out what the story was....they felt they'd overpaid me on the 'family assistance' grant...because...and wait for this....because I have no children. That's right. These teenagers living in my home at the moment are apparently not mine. Who knew??

(I won't go into detail as to how 15 reacted at hearing THAT lovely bit of news....suffice to say, his nose was well and truly put out of joint regarding his non-existence.)

Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there. Once I proved that I did indeed have children...faxing them off all manner of documents including birth certificates, bank account numbers etc, I get an updated tax statement. I now owe them over $3,500. What the fuck?! What's more, I also received a tax statement for the financial year 2003/2004....yep, I owe them yet another $3,200. Now we're in debt to the turn of at least $6,700.

I've been trying to ring these bastards for the past few days....(don't misunderstand me, I've been trying to resolve this problem for at least 12 months now) most chances I get, I'm on the phone...and what do I get to hear?? "We're sorry, we cannot connect your call at this time, due to overloading...please try again later".

Zip back a couple of months. I receive a lovely letter in the mail from my Bank. "As you are one of our preferred customers blah blah blah, we are excited to offer you an extra loan of yadda yadda yadda" you get the gist right? I almost thew this in the rubbish, I mean to say, I hardly need any extra debt, right? Wrong. I placed it alongside my PC on the desk...the offer was valid until 30 June....ok, that's today.

Finally, admitting defeat.....I rang my bank earlier this week to calmly (there's a joke in itself, I was ready to puke) tell them I'd be happy to take them up on their offer, but I'd only need 'this' amount of money thank you...the rest they can keep for the next time I'm drowning. Cool...the papers are drawn up, it's all go....I'm rich...for a few brief internet seconds before I transfer funds around. Blah.

Now all I need is to actually get hold of Inland Revenue to make sure I'm not paying for something I don't need to. Once I'm satisfied with their answers to all the questions I have, I will fork out the dosh and clear this debt. Quite frankly, I can't stand the stress of it hanging over me any longer...I've had a gutsful of trying to figure out the mental retardedness of the tax department but that doesn't mean I won't be drilling them heaps to make certain they're not taking more money than they should from me (ooo, I just made another joke).

And final rant for the day....Haloscan is sucking big time lately...and not the way I'd like it to be either...this is not how I've been envisaging myself getting sucked lately. Commenting on your posts and then going back to find my comment never actually registered has irritated me. What's more, going back to re-comment...and getting this "Please wait at least 20 seconds between posts (another -10900 second(s))." What the fuck's up with THAT??! Not to mention, the shuffling of comments on my own post, such disorder cannot be good for one's heart. I also noticed on Walker's site that he's answered comments that haven't even been asked yet...I actually had to scroll down further to find the related questions. I mean, I know he's a special guy, and he does have some sorta way of being able to understand me, without me saying much...but hey, that's a bit of weird shit going on right there.

Oh well, what's life without a few major catastrophes to deal with? Boring, that's what. Right I sit here visualising the face of the nurse, with my hands wrapped tightly around her neck...and the tax building burning to the ground...I'm grateful I'm not dealing with being premenstrual at the same time. Hahahaha...just imagine if I was?? That's a scary thought.

Damn...all this typing and venting and I still feel like screaming. Pfft.
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