Friday, June 10, 2005


The following blog post is what happens when you're pushed for time and still don't have a blog subject for the day. Brace yourselves.

I am fast losing patience with my cat. She's not a particularly social fact I'm thinking of taping a sign to the door reading "Beware of Cat". She's been known to claw and scratch at unsuspecting visitors that have seen her and reached down to pick her up, saying "Aaaww, look at your beautiful little kitty" be replaced immediately with "Holy fuck, what's up with your cat??!" (rubbing their arm/leg/face and wincing).

Over the past few months, I have written from time to time on here that I have had to clean up this cat's 'offerings'...these have been restricted to the bath or smeared across the laundry floor as I've opened the door first thing in the morning. For this I am grateful, at least they're 'wet' areas she's chosen.

This past week, I have cleaned up after her, not once, not twice...not even three times...but four bloody times! And let me tell you now, this is no easy cat poop to be cleaning up. You'd think it would be something that can be easily removed right? a little kitty turd curled up....well, let me educate you on what I've been dealing with....major puddles of crap....that's right...puddles. Not transparent puddles, but actual mucousy puddles of poop. The stuff that needs more than half a roll of handitowels to get rid of before you mop the floor, that's what.

Today I bought some kitty-litter in the hopes of her using a litter box instead. I'm going to need to get her insides checked out if this doesn't stop. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the kittens from downstairs continously coming up here to strut around, maybe it's unnerved her a bit. Problem is, she's just not the sort that you can get close to and have big conversations with to delve into her psyche.

See this? Does that look like a "don't mess with me" expression or what?

Picture 026

Right, that's enough about my cat and her toilet habits of late. I'll leave you be to go and enjoy your dinners now.


Not more than an hour ago I went down to the Post Office and sent out postcards to all those that have asked for one. I even sent a New Zealand e-card to a friend who lives so far from normal civilisation, he'd have to take a 2 hour plane trip to get to the post office. Considering I was only spending $1.50 on a stamp, it was a tad much to expect him to board a plane just to receive the damn thing. (I am, if nothing else, dedicated to my bloggie family.)

So anyway, they're on their way. Hope I got all the postal codes correct and you actually receive them lol Oh, and one more thing, as I was sticking the stamps on them, I noticed I haven't even signed off a few of them. I'm hoping that when you receive a postcard from New Zealand you'll know straight away it's from me, despite the absence of my name.

I'm more than happy to continue sending postcards if anyone else wants one. And I am wondering if I'm going to have to continue typing this with each post, cos I'm too damn lazy to figure out how to do the flashy button thing on my sidebar lol.

That's all for now....tootle loo
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