Monday, June 06, 2005

My Anna

You may have seen me mention Anna, Jason and Jaimee throughout my blog at certain times. Anna is very important to me...she's like family...I've known her for over 10 years and I met her through my brother, when he and Anna were an item for a few years. In fact they were my tenants downstairs, while David went through Police College. We saw a lot of Anna during that time, she spent more time upstairs here with us, than downstairs on her own while he was away training.

As time went by, their relationship ended but my friendship with her did not. We've been tight ever since, both of us there to support each other and laugh and cry at various events that have happened over the years. Anna was also one of the original members of my softball team (NFI), she was the youngest and is one of those sporty gifted people that will ace any sport they turn their hand to. Needless to say, she often put the rest of us to shame, and was referred to as "Our Secret Weapon". She had one of the strongest arms I've seen in the game, and there was many an 'out' taken on home plate, from her throwing the ball from deep centre outfield to me in the catcher's box. I overhead one team captain on the sideline say to her team "Don't forget, don't run if the 'arm' gets it".

I've seen her motoring across the field and catch a ball while almost horizontal in the air...come crashing back down almost face first, find her feet and throw the ball to base and snag the double. I'm often heard referring to her as "My Anna"...and that's how I feel...whenever I think of her, I have an overwhelming sense of pride rush through me, just as I would feel for either of the boys. When they were younger, Anna would babysit them on ocassion, but she was more their friend than their 'boss' when I wasn't around. I've had to yell at the three of them as they're running around the house bodyslamming each other. I've used a similar tone of voice on her as I have with the kids when she's done something that's irritated me...then had to pull myself up on it, for treating her like a child.

As proud as I am at the woman she's become, I could not have been prouder of her last year on April 15. That's the day she gave birth to Jaimee. I've watched her over the past 14 months as a parent to this gorgeous little girl and am prouder still. She's a fabulous mother and wonderful partner to Jason. And Jason...I cannot say enough about how she's managed to strike the jackpot with this man.

She's made my heart ache while I've sat holding her, tears spilling out of her striking blue eyes....made me laugh so hard I've cried....just about made my heart stop, as she's crawled into my bed unexpected at 3am...and made me breathless from dancing all night.

Next year in February, Anna and Jason are getting married. I've been asked to do the reading at their wedding and I feel honoured. I've looked through the internet briefly, yet not seen anything that fits how I feel about these two enough to express it just right on their special day. I've thought about writing something myself and may still do yet, but I'd be grateful for any suggestions you may have.

Anyway, enough gushing, here's a few photos of these special people in my life.


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