Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Postcards from Down Under

I was over at Butterfly's site yesterday and she has a brilliant idea (well I think it's brilliant anyway), and because I'm so short of brilliant ideas these days, I'm going to steal it for here.

Couple Butterfly's idea with Denny blogging about his world travels and the fact that all my money is going into a trip fund to get my ass back to Canada...I was thinking... what a great way to transport part of me to somewhere else on this earth of ours. Astro-travelling is so last season don't ya know.

Ok, so it's only my handwriting, but it's still me isn't it? And as much as I love the internet and the connections I've made on it, there really isn't anything quite like the handwritten word. And how great would it be to receive something in your letterbox that doesn't come in a window envelope or demand money?? I ask many of you have REALLY won that million dollars that Reader's Digest is always harping on about??

So...have a quick look at my picture on the sidebar it in detail (forensically as well if you feel you REALLY have to)....and hopefully come up with the conclusion that I am not of the stalking/axe murdering variety (besides, I've just stated I have no money, thus I cannot wing my way over there to become your worst nightmare).....and email me your snail mail addy. I will then send you a postcard of a pic pertaining to New Zealand (obviously doh!) and attach my own postal address hoping that you will send me a postcard of where you're from.

Obviously it's not a good idea to put your physical address in the comment section here, that could result in all manner of weirdos sending you shoes boxes of dead animal body parts or worse yet, turning up on your doorstep to quick-step you to an early retirement of drinking all your meals through a straw. (Let's not think about that too long *shudder*)

SO! If any of you are keen to receive a postcard from me, please email me and I'll whizz you one over (as fast as NZ Post will allow). It would be my pleasure to be in touch with you all in such a way.

Surely someone out there wants a postcard from New Zealand...somebody?...anybody?
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