Saturday, June 11, 2005

Smoke Signals

Last night I went out to catch up with a good friend of mine. She's a pot smoker and she'd had the occasional chat with my man on MSN. Walker spent some time last week going out to find her a special pipe to send her from arrived in the mail a few days ago, and I told him I'd deliver it to her this weekend. Which I did. She was rapt with's very unique...has a troll's head, handcrafted and attached to the handle. She broke out the 'bubbly' to christen the pipe.

I'm not an avid smoker in this respect. I've had very few experiences with the stuff at all. The first time I was 18, attending a party with my boyfriend (who eventually became my husband), and I cornered one of his mates and asked him to introduce me to this green substance. We went off into an empty bedroom...I shared a joint with him....went back out to the party...tried to breathe all over my boyfriend to let him know I'd been 'grown up'. He then took me back to his place where I spent the rest of the night hurling my cookies. (How grown up did I look then huh?)

Anyway, last night I had another go at it...afterall, was it not my boyfriend that had sent this over? It was only fair that I should share in the christening of this pipe right? Wrong. I am never going to make a pot smoker....and that's ok, I can live with that very well. I toked on this cute little pipe she'd been given....eventually ended up laying down on the couch mumbling my way through conversations with her....and then fell asleep for at least two hours, waking up after midnight. Nope, smoking that stuff just aint for me.

Today I feel hungover. I'm in a deep funk. You know what I mean? I'm feeling in a misery-guts kinda mood. I miss being in close proximity to Walker...I miss feeling his hands on me...miss burying my hands in his hair....miss the smiles and the kisses 'hello' and all the general ordinary minutes of the day that couples share together. Whether it be sitting down silently watching telly or messing around in the kitchen being tangled up in hot steamy clutches at night...or any time of the day for that matter.

Today this distance is sucking for me...big time.
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