Friday, June 24, 2005


I must apologise to you all. I've been trying to get around your blogs to read and comment the last few days, and besides all the birthday joy and working etc, I've not been having an easy time getting to you.

Ya see....a couple of weeks ago I messed around with the HTML on my template again (you know? just for a change?) and added a little tag thing to each of your links, so when I clicked on your link it would open up in a new window. When I'd finished reading and commenting, I could then close the window (my homepage being right behind it) and click straight onto the next link on my list. Prior to me adding the extra bit, I would have to click on your links, read, comment, click the back button and then go to the next of the links on the list. (Are ya following me?) This started to bother me because I felt it was probably me that was driving my site counter up more than anyone else. And can one really get excited about having an average of 80 odd page views a day, when it could be oneself that's actually responsible for 50 of them??

So, anyway, I added the extra bit, and all was going great until I added the music to my site. I like listening to music when I'm reading blogs, but with the way my new setup is, I get to hear my music, as well as yours (if you've got any on there that is). This can result in such confusion for my ears, that my eyes go out of sync with what's on the page. Course, if you don't have music on your site, that's ok too, but considering my page is open at the same time yours is....I get to hear whatever song I've decided to post that day again and again...over...and over...and OVER. There is only so many times that I can hear Evanesence sing "Bring Me To Life" before I feel like screeching "No! I've changed my mind! I want to stay dead!".

So, I think from now on, I'm going to have to choose songs that have a nice calming effect. I love the softer, more dreamy songs (what can I say? I'm a closet romantic) and those are probably the ones I could cope listening to for such a length of time. The other dilemma I have, is that when I'm talking to Walker on the headset, and click on a link...then once the music begins, I end up saying "don't talk to're wasting your breath, I can't hear you over the music". This is not a healthy communication procedure.

I'm off to babysit Jaimee this morning, she's not been well and Anna needs to rush into work and finish up some urgent bits and pieces (she's a travel agent). When I get home, I'll make the time to get around you all and comment.

Ta ta for now.
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