Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Vixen or Grandma?

After I dropped the kids off to school this morning, I was listening to the car radio. Polly (one of the morning DJs) was doing one of her polls to the general male listening public, and came out with her question of the day. God knows where she gets these questions or how she thinks them up, but here it is.

"Your partner is a 40 year old women, how would you prefer she dressed? Like a Vixen? or a Nana (grandmother)? There can be no in-betweens, and we're not talking about a Pamela Anderson body here...but an average woman of 40."

There were various ages of men ringing in to take part in her poll, it seems that from ages 13-30 (13??!), they'd prefer a Vixen, obviously regardless of what kind of figure their fictitious 40 yr old woman had. Then from age 40 up, with the oldest being 61, the men wanted their women to dress as a Vixen. The 30-40 year old men preferred her to dress like a Nana. I wanted to ring in and ask how the Vixen wishers would feel if the woman was dressed as a Nana but carrying a box of beer under her arm...wonder if that would make a difference to their answers. But...we weren't allowed to give any 'depends' answers.

As you can imagine, I hung on every word of this broadcast...afterall, next week I'm going to be 40...this was important reserach information to tuck away in my memory bank. So, what does this mean exactly? If I dress up as a vixen I could attract men as mature as 61, or boys as young as 13? And how would that mean I'd have to actually dress? low slung shirts, very short mini skirts, thigh high fuck-me boots? I've seen women younger wearing get-ups like this....and I've branded them as skanks (mistakenly or otherwise). Do men really want their women to 'show and tell' all their assets? Where's the mystery in that? And what about the women that make you think "OMG, I can't believe she's wearing that, it sooo does not suit her body type?"

On the other side of the fence, what do Nanas actually wear? A vision of twin-set cardigans and walking canes spring to mind. I do believe they're talking about a more conservative dresser, not someone of the blue-rinse brigade. But let me say, I've seen some pretty stylie and classy Nanas out there.

So...in the face of my 40th birthday crashing down on me....and in the name of important research...tell me menfolk, what would you prefer and why. A 40 year old woman dressed as a Vixen, or one dressed as a Nana? (No offence intended to vixens or nanas of any age). There can be no inbetweens, and we're talking about the average body shape and size, not the Pamela Andersons or Michelle Pfeiffers of this world. And to the ladies of the world, so as you're not left out of this at all...which style would you prefer to be dressed in?

Right...I'll just hang out here in my twin-set cardy and miniskirt and await your responses. Go.
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