Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Anyone for Beer?

This morning I've been messing around on here trying to figure out how to bring you a funny video clip I saw the other week. Unfortunately, after a lot of swearing and blood pressure elevation, I can't show you the one I wanted to.

However, I did manage to do some embedding and uploading and console measuring etc. After several false starts of "Your HTML code cannot be blah de blah-ed, because of blah de blah" whilst trying to publish the post, below is the result. Hope you're able to view it.

(I've removed this video clip now because I think it was causing an error on my page, not to mention making it slow right down in loading. I don't think anyone's going to notice it missing now. I suspect all those that wanted to see it already have)

With some of the temperatures I've been reading about on other people's blogs lately, I can imagine that seeing this young man with his beer stand in the middle of the street could be a welcome sight. Maybe not so much his attitude.

If anyone out there can enlighten me to an easier way of placing a windows media video clip onto their blog, I would be eternally grateful, and so would my remaining brain cells.
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