Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Blog Pimping

A very dear friend of mine has joined Blogspot. I had spoken to her a couple of months ago about writing a blog...she has so many great stories to tell. Last night Walker spoke to her on msn about writing blogs and whatever else (I wasn't there, this is all heresay via an email from her to me lol), and hey presto...her blog has been launched. He's a very persuasive man our Walker....or maybe we're just too shit scared not to do as he says? Just kidding dear, you know we all love you *mwah*

Anyway...we all know what it's like when we first start off our blog journals....some of the best stuff is written when we first hit these screens. Unfortunately, not too many people swing by to see us in our early days.

So, I'm doing a blog-friend-pimp thing this morning and giving a quick introduction of sorts for her. I could talk for a ages about all matter of things about this woman, but I won't....I'll allow her to blog it eventually if she wants other words, she can tell you herself. She's an avid photographer and takes some beautiful pictures, so expect to enjoy those at some stage too. (Incidentally, the first picture below of my quilt was taken with her very first digital camera...don't hold that against her, it was me that took the pic lol. You wanna see her latest camera, it's a mean ass machine!)

I know I've been asking a bit of you lately, but please, would you be so kind to extend the generosity? Head over to Echoes of My Past and drop a comment to welcome my friend to Blogland.

Right, better go, things to do before I run out the door to work. Will get around to read and comment on you all after work tonight.

Have a great day!

PS. Lisa! Received your postcard today, thanks! All the way from Kansas City, I love it!
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