Friday, July 08, 2005

Doing the Math

I went to pick 15 up after school today. He didn't even see the car...walked straight past me. I was messing around in the glove box (as you do when you're bored and waiting....maybe there was something to eat in there? worth a look right?), so I almost missed seeing him as well.

I figured with the weather being a bit on the naff side, I'd pick him up and take him downtown for the much needed haircut he's been asking for. Did this happen? Nope. My son, plus 3 of his mates piled into the car and all came home with me. How does this happen? Am I that much of a walkover? Do I have "soft-touch" written across my forehead??

I stopped at the store to pick up some diet's Friday night and I now have 5 teenage males in the house...the least I can do is dull the senses with some bourbon and coke. I must've been in the store all of 2 minutes. As I walked across the road, back to the car, I noticed they'd all been talking so much, the car windows were fogged up. I hate foggy car windows when I'm's a pet makes me nervous about blind spots etc...has something to do with self-preservation I believe.

I open the driver's door and park my butt in the hits me. That know? THAT smell?? Four teenage male life-forms in close proximity, in a very small contained area, no windows open. I CAN'T BREATHE! I CAN'T BREATHE! Needless to say, I drove most of the way home breathing through my mouth with the window down.

While they're getting themselves set up for more Dungeons and Dragons stuff that I have no idea about, 15 starts rattling off how he's planning to spend his tax rebate (he gets money back because he's under 16).

He's telling his mates:

Him: "They've only refunded for one year, so there's more to come yet. I'm going to buy a PSP."

Me: "What's the point in buying a PSP when you already have a DS? I thought you wanted to upgrade the RAM in your computer? I would think the RAM was a priority over something you've basically already got the equivalent to."

Him: "See guys? That's my Mum. She thinks she knows what she's talking about. You need to respect her for talking the talk, walking the walk."

He swaggered toward me "Now give's a kiss Mama G"


The look of horror on their faces and how quickly the smirk was wiped off my son's face, was worth it! HA!

One up for me.

It's all about numbers people, and I do believe I'm still far.
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