Friday, July 29, 2005

Fizzy and Itisi

I saw this pic and it immediately made me think of Fizzy (but of course). I'm sorry Fizz, I just couldn't resist sharing this with you (course, there's a strong chance you've seen it already, but I'll take the risk). Please note: No duckies were injured in the production of these photos.


I've had a pretty shitty week as far as work is concerned. I can't be naffed going into detail about it (although there's a chance you may get to read about it if I feel the need to spew it out). All I can say is...I hate office politics...hate them!

After running around your blogs and commenting, this is what I'm going to be doing with the remainder of my time this coming weekend.

And by the time Sunday night rolls around, and I'm feeling well rested, I'll be ready to do this again on Monday morning.

One more thing....on the blog pimp front...the lovely Itisi, who has been known to comment here, and on Walker's blog, has caved in to the occasional nagging and created her own blog. Good for you Itisi, welcome to the blogisphere, I look forward to reading more when you're ready to put it out there. You lot go play nice with her.

Have a great day!
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