Thursday, July 28, 2005

Jury Duty

Yesterday I was listening to the car radio on my way to taking the boys to school. Grant and Polly (the DJs) have a 'series' that they do from time to time, it's called something or other "Jury". This allows people to write in, explain an iffy situation and then the question is put out to the listeners to either choose sides or say yay or nay. The situation of these scenarios (true ones, not pretend stuff) is to be resolved by the majority vote on how listeners think it should be resolved (ack, that's bad grammar, but I'm sure you know what I mean).

The story yesterday: Matt and Paula meet, fall in love and have been living together for some time. During that time, Matt purchases a large plasma screen tv....on Paula's credit card....but Matt is making the credit card payments. Matt found someone else...he leaves.

Now the split couple are fighting over who should keep the plasma screen tv. Most people that rang through to vote said that Matt should keep it....few said that Paula should. He wants it because he believes it's his screen, and he was paying her credit card bill. She wants to keep it because it was bought on her credit card.

I'm going to give my opinion as if I was in Paula's shoes. The sensible part of me, would like to keep my dignity intact and the post-friendship an amicable one....he should have it. Even though it was bought with her plastic...he was paying that off...thus she should let it go. (We all know how much guys love their plasma screen tvs right? Why ruin the good memories, fighting over an object that could surely turn those into down and out nastiness?)

The other part of me wants answers to more questions. Did he finish paying off all the credit card debt for the tv in question? If not, and she wants to keep it, then she should take over the payments right? How long were Matt and Paula living together? And let's back the truck up a little folks. Matt found someone else.

What do you mean he found them?? Where did this other someone come from? Did she skydive into his backyard one night when Paula wasn't looking? You can't tell me he just stumbled across someone, fell for them immediately and they blinded him to his relationship with Paula.

No, no, no, no,....he had to have been feeling that way for a while...with the possibility of a little (or a lot of) "sumptin sumptin" going on with that someone in the background, before he left Paula. So, the other part of me is not thinking so fairly.

When my marriage failed, I was fortunate in the material ex-husband left the house with nothing more than the bed we used to share, a set of drawers, the extra video player we had in the bedroom, a camcorder and the BBQ. I got to sleep on a two seater fold out foam sofa for about 6 weeks, no big deal. He could've taken more, but he chose not to...he figured it was best to leave things as 'normal' as possible for the sake of the children. I appreciated that. He took the business, I got the house and the majority of it's contents. Although I had put time into working the business as was definitely his baby...his dream/idea that had grown into reality, and I had no plans to bitch about that and try to hustle for half of it. He appreciated that.

If however, my ex-husband had found someone else while I was still married to him...I'm not sure if I'd have been playing 'nice nice' at the end. I'd like to think I would hold my head high and continue the divorce proceedings with integrity, but I can't really say for sure because I've never been in that situation. Who knows how I would react after such a betrayal? I wouldn't allow him to see it had hurt me in any way, shape or form....that could possibly give him some satisfaction if he were that nasty, which he isn't, so that's a moot point.

I've completely lost track of where I was going.

*scans map to jog memory*

Ah, yes, there it is.....Matt found someone else...he left.

My thoughts are.....Paula keeps the TV, and Matt should be grateful that she doesn't smack him over the head with it.

What do you think? I'm being unreasonable yeah?
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