Tuesday, July 12, 2005

More on taps and slippers

Update on the bathroom: Ex came up the following day (wearing a back brace, he'd thrown his back out trying to fix it the day before...I'd forgotten how bad his back is...guess that's what happens when they're no longer living in the same space eh?....oops) with a pair of vice grips. The tap finally comes loose...washer's replaced...water turned back on....tap still drips...aaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!

Apparently the seat of the tap is stuffed. He's going to come back with a reseating tool and fix that at some stage. Reseating the tap is cheaper than replacing both taps, so we'll try this for the time being. And now that I know the hot water tap is no longer leaking and running up my gas account, I can live with the drip of the cold water side of things.

I had actually snuffed the pilot light on the hot water cylinder on Saturday afternoon, so no hot water Sunday morning. I spent 20 minutes on the floor in the laundry, reading the instructions down the side of the cylinder to get the gas lit again. Finally get it going...ex turns up and tells me to turn off the toby. Right, done...about 5 minutes later I'm hearing some really weird noises coming out of the laundry. There's a fair bit of rattling and bubbling going on...."Hey!, come here...something's happening in the cylinder!"....we're both standing in the laundry, staring at the cylinder...."It's not going to blow up is it?!"......"Um, probably not"....Probably??? not good enough....I need to know for sure....so I snuff out the flame again...the rattling/bubbling stops.

You know what? I took so long to replace the washers in the bathroom because I expected it to be a piss-easy exercise. Pah.

Anywaaaay...below is a photo of the new slippers I bought this weekend. What's more, they're actually on my feet (yes I know you can see that). I realise, due to the fact that some of you are dealing with high temperatures at the moment, viewing this may just make you sweat more. But this is coming to you from New Zealand...it's winter here...and having slippers on my feet, are worth celebrating. Yay!

Picture 062

I know they're not sexy, but DAMN they're warm!
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