Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Postcard Love and Rainbows

Seeing as I don't have a scanner, I decided I would take a photo of the postcards I've received so far (hint hint, that's me hoping there's more to come lol). I did this in a hurry and unfortunately it's slightly out of focus, but those that sent these cards are going to recognise them. In no order whatsoever Peanut Queen (Florida), Butterfly (Ottawa), Samantha (Malaysia), Katya (while on holiday in Alaska), Fizzy (Leeds), RainyPete (Hamilton) and Denny (Texas).

Picture 067

I took the photo with the cards propped up on my unmade bed. The fact that my bed is unmade helped me prop them up on a lump in the centre, so don't be giving me any flack about it being unmade (be pleased I decided not to take my slippers off and include them in the picture too, I'm so grateful for them, they deserve to be on film more than once). The fact of the matter should all be feeling pretty damn excited that you were spread out on my bed this morning!

If there are any more of you who would like to receive a postcard from New Zealand, it would be my pleasure to send more out. It won't cost you anything but a postcard back to me in return. Please email me and we can swap addresses and continue with the postcard loving!

Picture 069a

The above is me trying to share some of the rainbows that are scattered around my bedroom walls. The sun was in the right position in the sky to shine through one of the crystals hanging in my bedroom window. Just in case you're interested, that picture on the wall is a letter "R" (not sure you can see that due to the reflection on it) youngest son drew that (it's his first initial, can you guess what his name is?)...slightly off to the right is a couple of pics my godson made for me. And that white material below is part of my mosquito net draped and pinned to the wall. Just in case you were that interested!

This is what happens when I'm pushed for something to write about lol.
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