Sunday, July 24, 2005

Thanks Guys

Thank you so much to all that voted for Jessica. The voting line has closed now, and we won't find out until next Saturday whether she got through this heat or not. I'll let you know next weekend.

I emailed the link of the below post to Jess, so she could see what I'd written about her. She commented. In case you missed her comment, here it is:

"Thank you so much Sara for putting me on here,If you were here right now i'd give you the biggest hug. What you said about me was lovely. To those who have voted for me Thank You all very very very much. It feels amazing to think that people are willing to support me on my journey without even knowing me, and i appreciate that.Thank you
Jess Wiel 07.24.05 - 12:00 pm "

Thanks again everyone. You guys are the best! *mwah!*

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