Saturday, July 23, 2005

A Vote for Destiny

This morning I sat down to watch telly as I ate my breakfast...french toast - I needed it after my conversation with Walker on the phone...hubba hubba. I rang him earlier but, alas, he was not home...thus I left a rather breathy message on his answering machine. Then I texted him and asked him to let me know when he put foot in the door. Apparently receiving a text at that time of the day from me, can mean only one thing...and from what I can gather, he basically moved heaven and earth to get home in a hurry. He rang me. Ah, life is good.

Anyway, I digress....that's not what I wanted to tell you today...that was just to help you focus on my font and get your attention lol.

My good friend Janet texted me last night to remind me that her daughter Jessica was to be on a tv show this morning. Course, I had to tune in. I try not to miss any type of performance by this talented young teenager. I will admit to sleeping through her singing at 7am to the breakfast crowd during the "Relay for Life" walk in Wellington a few months ago. Unfortunately, that was due to the late night prior to it and the amount of bourbon I'd consumed.

Jessica is 16 years old and for the past 6 years or so, I've seen her perform in productions and sing on stage with amazing talent. I first laid eyes on Jess when she was Cinderella in the primary school production years ago. From that moment on, it was obvious to me she was born to be on stage.

The first time I saw her on stage at the college, I had trouble hearing her because Janet (mum) was sobbing so loudly to the point of hiccuping, beside me. I've watched her play softball, I've even stood in the pouring rain with a 'blind' date to watch her play netball...we had met the first time over coffee and I insisted I would only meet up with him, if he ensured I was at the netball courts in time to watch her play. He insisted on getting out of the car and standing in the rain with me to watch.

Not only is Jess a talented performer on stage and a skilled sportsperson on the field and court, she's also an A grade student. She knows what she wants and she's doing her best to make it happen. Not only is she putting in the hard yards to get there, she's doing it with the utmost grace and respect to those around her.

I watched her singing on tv today (after winning the national heat in Wellington to get there) with tears in my eyes. After winning that first heat, the first thing she said on camera was "Excuse me for a moment please, I just want to give my mum a hug"....she made them wait while she grabbed Janet and hugged her....more tears from me. She then got to fly down south and make a video was AWESOME!! I'm so proud of her. What she's achieved has all been due to hard work and it's paying off.

Now for audience participation....this is where you lot can help Jessica. The tv show "Wannabes" has a voting website. The vote line closes at 5pm Sunday (that's MY Sunday, not yours) and I'm asking you to help her out by voting. Please...if you would be so kind, go here, click on Jessica Weil's photo and enter your name and email address, then click on "Vote". You can vote up to 5 times from one email address...and suffice it to say, I have just voted under 5 different names, including my ex-husband's and the cat's (I knew they'd be useful for something!).

Please vote, I know each and every vote she gets will be extremely appreciated by her. Let's do our part in helping this gifted young lady reach one of the goals she's destined for.

Fate waits for no-one...let's help make it happen. Thank you.
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