Saturday, July 30, 2005

You're Never Far Away

Waking up so early these past couple of weeks, has, as to be expected, had me retiring for the night earlier than usual.

When I say waking early...I mean 5.30am early. Who the fuck wakes up THAT early unless they really HAVE to?? Not me. But recently it's becoming the norm. At first I'd lay awake, forcing my body to get back to sleep....eventually it became obvious that this was just not going to happen. So now I wake up at 5.30, get up, come check my blog comments and wander round my blog neighbourhood, reading you sleepily.

I don't usually comment at this hour of the morning. I just read...this is my uninterrupted teenage-free zone (let's face it, there aint no way they're going to be awake at that hour of the day is there?)....I read peacefully, feeling myself drawn into your homes, your lives. I'm transported around the world in a manner of hours through reading you...I read, and sip my coffee and think "I'll go back and comment on that later"....this way, I believe when I'm truly awake properly later, all I have to do is zap back to you and comment cos I've already read your post.

This backfires on a regular basis....."How so?" I hear you asking.....I'm glad you asked. Because the time zone differences between us all can suck, that's why. Because once I've read you all, hustled the kids out of bed....warned them that they must have something for breakfast or they'll faint during phys-ed class...driven them to school, put the washing on, had my own breakfast and cleaned out THE CAT LITTER BOX (I yell that loudly due to the frustration of having to do it... I HATE that ritual, in fact, I'm thinking of getting the senses in my nose removed...or stopping breathing altogether.) (shit I'm off the subject again) *takes a breath*....because I find that I come back to read you and TA DAAAA!'ve posted again.

This means the comment I was originally going to put down is moot....or, I have to go back to your previous post and comment there and read your other one tomorrow morning...and then find you've posted again above and beyond. And sometimes....SOMETIMES....some of you have so much blogging fodder to impart, that you've posted 2, 3 and even 4 times in one day. Holy hell, Mary Mother of is this possible?? I struggle to come up with one on a daily basis, let alone 4. *sigh*

No offence people, but sometimes it's a relief for me to find that you've not posted, or you've gone on holiday lol. The interesting part of all this reading posts and commenting circle for me?...I can't help myself....I have to come back to you and find out what's going on....I just have to. Depending on what I'm doing during my day, I often think of you.

I think of Fizzy when I'm putting the washing on (due to her broken machine earlier in the week) and when I see ducks....I saw the Eiffel Tower on a poster in the local travel agency window as I drove past...that immediately made me think of Jo....Happy and Blue springs to mind when I pass the local church and see it's billboard out front (and anytime I see a cyclist)....I saw Jeff Bridges on telly the other night and thought of Kurt....when I walked passed the fish counter in the supermarket, I think of Stacy.

The local hardware store always reminds me of can it not? Every time I walk into 15's bedroom and see the picture of the wolf on his wall I'm reminded of Kathryn. Whenever I enter my bathroom I think of RainyPete. Anytime I'm called to the Principal's office at the college, I think of Brian. For some reason, when I look at the AirWalker exercise machine in my lounge, (maybe it's the fact I've not been using it) I think of Carol lol. The gold ring on my finger reminds me of Walker.

Speaking of that of my favourite 74 year old patients sprung in the door at work the other day...I say spring because that's what he does....he leapt in the door and saluted me. He leaned across the counter at me to tell me once again how pleased he was to see nice I he always times his visits with Wednesday afternoons because he knows it's my shift...

Him: *looking at my hand* "Ooo, those are nice rings"
Me: *smiling* "Why thank you"
Him: "Yeah, The Warehouse have some quite nice things sometimes, don't they?"
Me: "Eh?!"...*pointing at finger*..."I got this particular one in Canada last year...a very dear friend gave it to me"
Him: "Hmm, really? Hope you earned it" *wink*
Me: *gasp, splutter* "Honestly! How you've managed to make it this far in life is beyond me!"

Anywaaaay....what I'm trying to say is (in a roundabout and rather disjointed manner) lot have become quite the part or my life. Not just in a blogging online sense, but you've managed to spill yourselves out of the screen and into my real life activities. What's more...I like that....I like that alot.

Now, come here you lot...yeah, come on.....let's all smoosh together and have a group hug.

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