Monday, August 08, 2005

Ba Humbug

I've just spent the better part of 2 hours farting around with the webcam trying to make a video/audio clip. How frustrating!

I eventually managed to put one together...nothing too spectacular, but a clip all the same and once I saved it, it showed up as being 77.7MB in size. I only talked for just over 5 could that make up 77MBs?? *sigh*

Now, besides the fact that I don't know how to get you to view it, that's so large I fear it'd be a waste of time trying to figure out how to put it on here. So I didn't.

And now that I've attempted to do all that, I'm exhausted and annoyed at my failure to achieve it....and because I was trying to do this for must be all YOUR fault! Ok, well it's not, but I feel the need to lay the blame on someone, so for a brief moment there, it did feel good to say that. Far be it for me to make myself feel worse by taking responsibility for my lack of computer knowledge. Pfft.

I'd love to completely revamp my something with a 'watery' know?...a lovely relaxing backdrop of waves...dress it up a bit.....make it look more appealing. But do you think I can figure out how to do that without having an aneurism?? No.

If anyone knows of a way I can do this....and it won't cost me a lot of money, if any at all...please let me know. Otherwise I'm off to do some major grocery shopping to entice this gentleman off the street.

I hope the rest of you are having a bloody nice day.

*stomps away from the PC to break something*
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