Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I was going to write a long, intense post today...lots of wordy paragraphs full of joy and entertainment...throw in a bit of sex to draw the punters and string it all together with witty anecdotes. I was going to write something that would make you howl with laughter...something to make you ache with pleasure and get you offline faster than usual, to jump on your respective partners.

But I didn't.

Cos I couldn't think of anything....boo.

In place of that, I will blog-whore a little on my own behalf.

Those of you that haven't poked my map on the sidebar yet...please do so. There's a huge amount to cover there, it would be great to try filling up some of it. Besides, some of my most regular readers still aren't on it...so poke away!

And to help me move up the ladder a little, or at least get on the front page, click here...or go over to the vote thingymajiggy that's under my map, and it will do the same thing.

This morning I went and spent $100 on getting my hair foiled and cut. And now I'm knackered and going to lie down on the bed, squish my new do with my headset and yak to Walker until it's time for work.

Have a great day everyone!
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