Sunday, August 21, 2005

Brain vs Body

Friday night's escapades is going to take me probably at least 3 days to get over. Hopefully I'll be back to having a clear head tomorrow morning, because I'm back to work.

I don't indulge in the art of drinking large volumes of alcohol much these days...well, not for years really. I usually have a few bourbons, then switch to water for the remainder of the evening. Keeping my water levels up, tends to cut down on the slowness and thick-headedness that can hit me the day after.

Friday was different. I went out to celebrate a friend's birthday, and each time my body screamed "stop drinking now!"....someone would put a drink in front of me, and I'd feel obligated to drink it. Noone held my mouth open and poured it down my throat, but at $7.00 a pop, I was loathe to feel I was wasting their money. For some reason I never felt the urge to start on water, regardless of the fact that it was becoming so obvious that water would've been more helpful.

So, after several double bourbons (to be honest I'd lost count)...and a few shots...aka evil, nasty fire-water....I came home, still able to walk a straight line, but knowing I was going to pay dearly for it the next day. And I did. I got to bed just after midnight...finally got some sleep after 2am...and was seen pulling clothes on over my pjs to take Cameron to work at 5.30am. After enduring a small lecture from him re the dangers of alcohol, I dropped him off....came home...went to up...blogged yesterday's non-post....went to up and pulled my clothes on over my pjs again, and collected The Righteous One from work at 12.30.

Yes I had a good night out on Friday night...good company - yes, many laughs - yes... and yes, I enjoyed the music.

Was my body happy about this the next day? Saying "no" would be an understatement.

Body: "All that alcohol, and then the physical exertion of dancing TOO? What the hell is up with THAT girl??!"
Brain: "Come on...I don't do it often, don't I get points for kinda scheduling it several years apart each time?"
Body: "Oh whatever! Haven't I already taught you that even several years apart it still causes me damage?"
Brain: "Um...yes..but..."
Body: "And what about those bloody shots? Did you not feel them burning in my throat, making my eyes water, clearing my sinus' and moving up to burn my eardrums??"
Brain: "Oh, yeah, sorry 'bout that"
Body: " my language and get back to bed!"
Brain: *sigh* "You're such a drama queen"
Body: "GO!"

So, that's where I'm headed, yet again. When my body and my brain are back in sync I shall return.

Hope you're all having a blast this weekend...but a gentle blast at that.
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