Thursday, August 18, 2005

For Your Reading Pleasure...A Short One

From somewhere in the depths of my mind, I've been managing to come out with some rather long posts today...I shall give your wee eyes a rest and make it a short one. *the crowd goes wild*

I had McDonalds for breakfast this morning. I dropped the boys at school, drove over the hill and straight into the McD's drive thru. I ordered and paid my money at the first window.... got to the "here's your food, have a nice day" window...and waited. I waited, and waited, and thought about turning my car engine off...and waited some more.

Don't know what the hell was going on in there, but noone came to say "Won't be long" or "Sorry for the delay"...they just ignored that I was sitting there, engine running, and waiting. I ended up waiting so long, there were several cars waiting behind me. If I hadn't forked over the money already, I would've driven off.

While I waited I had several things running through my head. One of which was to yell at them "OI!...I've had my engine running for too long waiting for you...are you aware of the fuel prices at the moment?? Mr Haney would KICK...YOUR...ASS if he knew I was burning away costly petrol because of YOU! And Lord only KNOWS what Kurt would do to your brain...NOW FRIGGIN' MOVE IT!" But I'm chickenshit, so I didn't. *sigh*

Speaking of Kurt, I have pilfered a quiz from his site. Well I pilfered it and then made up one of my own. How much do you think you know about me? It's pretty simple I reckon, but then that's easy for me to's my quiz and I know all the answers. Besides, I couldn't think up any really tough questions. Click on this to take my quiz. Here's the scoreboard if you're interested.

Oh, and I now have a guestmap over there on the sidebar. Please go and plug yourself on it. Once you've all done that, I'll print it's a requirement for the Stalking 101 night class I've just enroled in at the local College. Ta.

Come on! You have to admit, it's definitely shorter than usual right??
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