Tuesday, August 02, 2005

From One End to the Other

Ryan is feeling better today. He came out to tell me last night that he was feeling so much better and the relief in his voice was very evident. He even thanked me for being there for him. "I'll always be there for you honey, don't ever doubt that". This morning his head's still hurting, he can't read anything in front of him, and his peripheral vision's still to return. But things have certainly improved, so I'm grateful for that.

Cameron on the other hand, made the attempt to get out of bed for school, whilst grumbling about pain in his stomach. He went to stand up and discovered he couldn't do that properly without alot of grief...thus he's doing an oscar-winning impression of a hunchback scuttling between his bedroom and the toilet.

I'm thinking of throwing in the towel, and giving up my "Mother" badge of honour, due to the health of my children. I have failed to take care of them sufficiently. At the very least I want to throw my hands up in the air in despair and cry "Why? Why? WHYYYY?!"
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