Monday, August 15, 2005

My Brain is Hurting

Well, my video thing was a bit of a flop wasn't it? Half of you can't see it. Not to worry, I won't be doing those instead of writing, would take up most of my brain power to think up what to say anyway lol.

Speaking of my's been having a difficult time working lately. The last 2 weeks to be more precise. For the past couple of weeks I've been getting headaches at the back right side of my head. On Wednesday last week it was so bad I was in the nurses office asking for painkillers while rubbing the back of my head. They're becoming distracting (the headaches, not the nurses, although the nurses are getting close). So distracting that I've had to concentrate as much as possible on what's happening around me. This avid concentration is causing me to have seizures, which means my vision becomes impaired and my eyes aren't sending the right signals to my brain. In other words I can be seen to be sitting there looking like a right air-head. I'm amazed I haven't made any major cock-ups.

It was particularly busy last Wednesday afternoon and the practice manager came out to tend the front desk with me. I could feel her watching me, and eventually I asked her "How big a catastrophe would I cause if I didn't come to work tomorrow?". She said she'd noticed I wasn't my usual self the past few days and that perhaps I should take the time off to get it sorted. I have so much sick leave up my sleeve, it sounded like a good idea to me. Maybe my brain just needed a wee holiday?

I don't think giving it a holiday means farting around with HTML on my template. Although I did try to do that, I so completely messed it up I had to resort to copying the saved template out of a Word document to make it look normal again. Unfortunately that template was about 2 months old, so some of my new links weren't on it. Please, if I've forgotten to add you back, let me know and I'll remedy that. Boy, was I swearing up a storm yesterday lol But how hard can it be?? I'll be changing my template, little bits at a time....and possibly several weeks between changes, but I'll do it all the same.

Also yesterday (Sunday) the pounding in my head got so bad I rang my boss from my bed, to say I wouldn't be in on Monday and would go and see my GP. She was very understanding and said she would rather have one of her good workers take the time off than keep going and completely fry her brain. So that's what I'm doing today...besides writing this at 7.20am, I'm waiting for my doctor's office to open up the phone lines so I can go visit him.

I'm sure it's ok and only a tiny brain tumor, not a big one. I'm sure that, in keeping with the rest of my body, my brain is also overweight and that a lil ole tumor won't affect it too much. I'm also sure I don't have the faintest idea what I'm talking about, which means of course, I must jump to all the wrong conclusions.

Been to see Dr Tim (lovely man), who told me to stop taking the multi-vitamins I started a week or so ago (he said it probably wasn't the reason, but wouldn't hurt to rule them out)...he took my blood pressure (it's usual)...asked if I'd been doing anything out of the ordinary lately (no)...told me to start taking anti-inflammatories (done)...and gave me a week off work (see? told ya he was lovely didn't I??).

And guess what?? No mention of brain tumors or possible haemmorrages(sp?) or anything like that! Yay! My brain will live on to see another day!

Anyway, I came home, cleared my mail...and what do I find there? but mail from The Incredible Fizzy-Woman (I vote we get her a cape with duckies all over it), who has gone down my entire template and explained in red writing alongside each bit, what each part does and what will change if I play with it. I just about cried when I read it. Between Fizzy and DataMonkey, I'm hopefully going to turn up with something more interesting. God damn it you guys, you rock the party that rocks the house!! Thank you ever so much. *mwah*

If you were here right now I'd be squishing ya. That's right I would.

*Pretends Cameron is Fizzy/Dave*

*Squish, squish, SQUEEZE*

Cam: *muffled* "Geez, Mum, GET OFF ME!!"
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