Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Please Say It Aint So

I heard on the car radio this morning (come on, don't look like that...it's been a while since you got a post from me that was inspired by the radio)....Pamela Anderson has moved into the rock/music scene..besides swinging from the ceiling with Tommy Lee I mean.

This doesn't surprise me or bother me....those under the heading of 'hot and famous' often move from one side to the other...acting to singing...singing to acting...whatever. No...it happens all the time right? We're used to them trying their hand out at the various arts...and why shouldn't they? They're already in the spotlight due to some of their other talents (some of their 'gifts' far more prominant than others)...why not continue with their winning streaks (this appears to be fast leaning towards a sexual post, anyone else feeling that vibe right now??).

It's ok Fizzy, I aint going there today, you can open your eyes again.

So, I say...good for them...jolly good show old chap etc....lovely jubbly...bring it on. First time I ever heard Gwyneth Paltrow singing in "Duets" with Huey Lewis, I was floored by her husky dulcet tones. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to those two singing "Cruisin"...I also loved Gwyneth's version of "Bette Davis Eyes"....wearing that short skirt didn't do my musically tuned ears any harm either I might add.

BUT....What I heard this morning over the radio about Pamela Anderson bothered me...in fact it bothered me GREATLY. "But why Lisa?"....I'm glad you asked, thank you. Listen up, cos I'm going to tell you. Why? WHY?? Because she's coming into the music scene by singing a duet of some sort with Bryan Adams...that's why. Read my lips people....BRYAN.... ADAMS!

Bryan, my man, YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING??!

Besides the obvious love of my life, Walker, and our cheeky Happy & Blue, coupled with the notorious RainyPete....Bryan Adams is one of my all time favourite Canadian men...in the whole world...that's a lotta world to be competing against don't ya think? How can he possibly ruin my dreams of becoming one of his backup singers, by throwing that bleached blonde, harness swinging, mammoth-titted, tight-arsed, floozy into the mix?? Yeah...I'd like to throw her into something alright.

And yes I know Bryan Adams is Canadian, and I know that Ms Floozy is Canadian also, and yes I've thought that maybe the Canucks may feel the need to stick together....all that brotherly love...patriotism blah de blah....but MY Bryan?? How COULD he??! Does he not know what the rest of us do? That just one of her implants has a higher IQ than the rest of her body put together? (And that's inside OR outside her body.)

You know what part of this new career move of Pammie's is going to bite the most for me? And that is, if she actually has a half decent singing voice. Although I think that even me, with my vocal chords cut would sound pretty amazing if I was singing alongside Bryan Adams. (Ok, I might just be swaying in time with the music, raising my eyebrows, showing all my teeth and pointing at Bryan, but I BET I'd look hot purely cos I was standing beside him....or even just his guitar when I think about it.)

*shakes head* "Bryan, Bryan Bryan...what were you thinking?"
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