Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Postcard Apology and A Promise

I have an apology to make to some of my blogger friends. I feel really bad about this, and it's been bugging my arse for ages now, so I must confess to you all.

I still have postcards sitting here in front of me. Postcards I was intending to post out to whichever part of the world you're currently residing in. Postcards that don't even have anything written on them, and stamps ready to affix to said postcards.

What's more, I have misplaced the piece of paper that I wrote the addresses down of the last few people that asked for a postcard. Which has driven me crazy over the past week trying to find it. I kept thinking it'll be here closeby somewhere, thus trying to avoid trawling through my inbox to find those that have wanted to play the postcard love game that I so enthusiastically became part of a few months ago.

I originally sent out 17 cards to various destinations far and wide (I've received 13 in return, if you count the two bloggers that sent me 2 cards each)...then thought I'd wait for the next lot to want them and send them all out together. Then I got busy, then tired, then forgot about it, and now I sit before you feeling like a naughty little girl, because I let the NZ postcard side down.

Shame on me!

Schotzy, June, Kat, Gabby (thanks for your new addy) and I think there's someone else. Please forgive me if it's you I can't remember, I'll blame it on "complex partial seizures"...I only know this because I finally found the letter from the hospital from years ago with the actual diagnosis of my form of epilepsy on it. Ok, it's a lame excuse, I know I'm scraping the bottom of the "get me out of shit" barrel here.

I owe Schotzy a double apology because she actually requested twice (I've just scrolled through the inbox to discover this!). I'm so sorry Schotzy.

So, I have 4 postcards to send out (once I've written on them first of course) and anyone else that's interested in receiving a postcard, please email me and I'll add your name to the list. It would be my pleasure to send you one. I'm going to make this Friday my day of posting...that way I have a target to aim for, so please send me your address before then if you want one. It'll cost you nothing but a postcard in return. This is the only way I can get some of me out there to various parts of the world, and I figure that's a good thing, even if it is only my handwriting!

One more thing while I'm here....I have a new reader I wanted to give a plug to. His name is Don Lewis and you can find him here. Don is relatively new to Blogger, so it wasn't too difficult to read his entire blog, which I attempted to do the other night. Don has been going through a rather lengthy and frustrating experience with some tradesmen who are/were supposed to be repairing his boat.

If I've got my facts correct (please don't quote me on this, I read it all late at night), Don's residing in the Virgin Islands, planning to get his boat in the water and sale all over the place (sorry that bit's a tad fuzzy). His crew appears to consist of his much loved pets. There's a lovely post he's written in memory of his dog Shep, which will also give you the reason why his boat is named "Promise". You can find that touching post here.

He's worth the read, and a comment or two. I discovered the other day, that I was his first commenter ever on Blogger...and then went back to find out I was also his second. I'm sure he'll appreciate you calling in to say hi and giving his guest map a poke!

Oh and hey! Speaking of guest maps, I have lots more tiny little bodies clinging to my world now....AND you've all manged to shoot me to 2nd place on the Clix ladder. That's fantastic guys, thanks so much! I don't know how long I'll stay there for, but you can be sure I'll take a screen shot, just to prove I got that far up there with your helping hands.

To recap, here is your assignment for the day class:

1. Email me your address so I can post you off a postcard on Friday.
2. Visit my new friend Don.
3. Poke my guestmap if you haven't already.
4. Slap yourself on the back for vaulting me to second place for now on Clix; and
5. Each of you send me a $1,000 in the mail to help me feed the teenagers under my roof that inhale food faster than I can restock the pantry.

Ok, you can skip number 5, that was wishful thinking on my part.

If I don't get round you all this morning, I'll be back to visit as many of you as possible after work tonight.

You lot ROCK! *mwah*
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