Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Straight and the Curly

Cameron (15) has got naturally curly hair. It grows almost at the same speed of light (almost), and it costs me a friggin lot of money each time he wants it cut. This is because he likes only the people at the swanky hair-do-ing saloon to do it...he trusts them only to get it right. Each time he let's them play around with his hair...it costs me in excess of $40. For a friggin kid's haircut! $40 doesn't sound like a lot to a woman that's used to paying at least $80 each time she plonks her arse into the stylist's chair. But hey, I'm paying for it...he's only 15...he has waaay less 'do' to play with...and as his mother, I don't think he should be enjoying the likes of scalp massages etc from other females at this time of his life. Their tits get far too close to his face...I want to rush forward waving my arms about wildly and scream "Get away! Get away from my son, you skanky ho!".

This is another way of saying "Mama's not removing her blinders quite yet".

I booked him in for a do-play last Friday. What's more, I told him he was going to be booked in somewhere local...somewhere cheaper....and if he didn't like that, he could pay for it himself and go to his swanky phlanky do-robber place instead. He chose to use my money instead of his own. Course he did, why wouldn't he? My money grows on trees right? His money is far too precious to use it for the likes of necessity.

I left him in the chair for less than a minute. "I'll just go see if I can spy your brother out there, he might want a ride home". 30 seconds later I'm back...my son is sitting there with half his hair gone....in fact, he has practically no hair on top, but thick dark curls down the sides and around his ears still. I try not to react, but it's too late. No sound comes out of my mouth, but he sees me in the mirror...the sudden "O" shape of my mouth has betrayed me.

Cam: "What?"
Me: "Nothing...I'm just not used to seeing you like...um...that"
Cam: "I figured if I get alot off now, it'll take longer to grow back and cost you less"
Me: "Oh...that's nice of you to think of me dear" *messing around tidying magazines on the table, hunting in my handbag for something important...anything other than look at my son's head*

Stylist finishes...Cameron has less than a centimetre of hair all over his scalp, I pay the $15 bill and we leave. ($15?? woo hooo!)

Ryan (14) arrives home from school.
Cam walks into the lounge.
Little brother does a double-take ....an "O" forms on his mouth.
Big brother glares at him.
Ryan turns to hide his grin in a sofa cushion.

Cam: "Is it really THAT bad??!"
Me: "No...Actually it's very nice. You look like your Uncle David."
Cam: "Oh great."
Me: "Don't be like that...you're uncle's a very handsome man. You should be proud to look like him."
Cam: "You're my mother and his sister, you would say that."

Dad turns up to collect his boys for the weekend.

Cameron walks into the lounge (take 2).
Dad: "Whoa"
Cam: "Oh for goodness sake!"

To be honest, my 6 foot son with his new do actually looks quite sexy. The word 'sexy' in relation to one of my offspring is not sitting comfortably with me. If I thought he would let me take a photo of him after the reactions on Friday, I'd show you. (As it is, I know I'll get racked over the coals for giving out their real names today, so don't rat me out ok? it'll be our little secret).

For now, I'll just tighten the blinkers on each side of my head and pretend to be oblivious to the fact that Cameron will be turning 16 next month.

Way hey, I just wrote another post about virutally nothing....Go ME!! lol

(Get the title? The straight - for giving their real names, and the curly, cos of the hair thing. I don't know why I think I need to elaborate on that, I know you're intelligent people and can work it out for yourself. Let's face it, half of you don't read the title and couldn't give a rat's arse about it anyway lol)
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