Friday, September 02, 2005

Birthday Dinner

We had an awesome time at dinner last night. The boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Not feeling so great today, spent most of it in bed (and not due to a hungover either lol). Cam's been unwell the past few days, and I took him to the doc on Wednesday morning. He went back to school Thursday morning...not because he was feeling any better...but because he thought if he wasn't there, his mates wouldn't turn up for dinner that night lol.

Whatever he's got, has now shared itself with me...thus, both of us doped ourselves up on neurofen tablets and went out for dinner with his friends.

My ex-husband brought his girlfriend with him. She'd arrived back in the country that morning, and insisted on coming for dinner too. That's fine, I had taken that into account, should she have wanted to join us.

Problem I had was they sat down one end of the table, while I sat down the other, although I was hoping us 3 adults would be sitting together. Once I came back from parking the car and realising this seating 'switch' I muttered to Ryan so only he could hear..."Looks like you're gonna be my best mate tonight babe"....Ryan, having already taken in the situation, replied "No problem Mum".

Ryan and I had the primo seats actually....more luck than planning...the chef came and did all his cooking right smack in front of us. I had a great time with Ryan, he was completely blown away by watching the chef strut his stuff.

When they eventually brought the cake out...I could see Cameron inspecting the doily that it was sitting on. He'd look at me...then back at the His mates burst into laughter because they all knew that the cake had been made by his bakery.

I'll leave you with this pic from last night...unfortunately, it wasn't until I got home and downloaded the pic, that I realised one of his friends was missing...possibly in the toilet. Ah well, when you gotta go, you gotta go. That scruffy individual on the left is Ryan...I've told him several times he needs his hair cut, but nope, he won't have a bar of it. I hope he relents sometime soon, he's looking like Wolfman. Cam's in the same row as Ryan, 3rd along, getting his ears pulled, if you hadn't already figured out which one he is lol.

Right, I'm back to bed.....I wasn't going to post tonight, due to feeling so stinky...but look at me eh? can't help meself.
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