Monday, September 12, 2005

Congratulations to the Whitt's!

I'm hoping to get around you all and catch up later tonight. I've visited most of my favourite sites and caught up on what you've been doing, but I haven't commented as yet. Course, by the time I can return to you later this evening, my comments will be null and void because you've bound to have posted something else.

Oh, also just wanted to let the postcard people know that I have in fact posted them out (that's the cards, not the people). I keep meaning to let you know, but then I kept forgetting, doh. I posted them last Tuesday. The amazing thing is...Mr Haney sent me an email this weekend, to say he'd received his on Saturday. That's only 4 days after I sent it! Pretty impressive postal services I reckon.

Anyway, the only site I did comment on when I returned home on MY Sunday evening (not to be confused with YOUR Sunday evening), was Michael Whitt's.

Danielle Jade Whitt finally arrived this weekend. Saturday, September 10, at 8.41am. She tipped the scales at 7lb 9oz...18 1/2 inches long.

I say "finally"...not because she was fact she was almost two weeks early. The "finally" is because we've been hearing about her and reading about her for the past lord knows how many months.

Ya know? it's just typical that this happened while I was out over night. I've been in and out of that site on a daily basis (sometimes more), waiting, waiting, waiting. I go north for the weekend and "BAM!"...she arrives. Although I'm sure she didn't arrive quite with that sound affect.

Would be lovely if you could go over and see Michael and throw balloons, streamers and put on a virtual brass band fanfare etc, to welcome him and his lovely wife Kim into the world of Parenthood!

Here's a link that you can click on to see Dani, she's absolutely gorgeous, well covered, not all wrinkly like some teeny weeny babies can be...and what's even cuter, is that Michael did a couple of very short audio blogs that you can hear. He's doing them just after he found out that Kim had gone into labour, so they're kinda rushed, but we ALL know what that feeling's like right?? lol You need to scroll down the page just a little to see them.

Man, I just love wee fabulous is it that we've all been privvy to so many being born in our bloggy world of late? Those Christmas and New Year holidays must've been pretty damn good last year huh?
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