Friday, September 30, 2005

In the still of the night

The other day, much to my despair and annoyance, I noticed one of my back hubcaps was missing (the car people, the CAR!). I have no idea when it fell off, let alone where it's laying naked without it's wheel and as yet, I'm still to find out how to replace it. How hard can it be? Ring the Ford dealership, tell them my woes...get new hubcap...wa la!

But THEN...driving up my street last night, I spied a car parked outside a house that's a few doors down from my own. I pulled up to the kerb (carefully mind you, can't have another one breaking free now can I?).

Me: "Hey, that red car over there...are those hubcaps the exact same design that we've got on our car?"
Cameron: "Um, dunno."
Me: *pushing him whilst gazing at the other car* "Well get out and go do some comparison."
Cameron: *sighing but opening car door* I don't see what difference it makes anyway."
Me: "Well, how do we know they didn't steal one off our car to replace one of theirs?"
Cameron: "Oh Mum"

He gets out of the car, walks around our car, then heads over to take a closer look at the red one. Hops back in passenger seat.

Cameron: "Yeah, they're the same."
Me: *mentally twirling my imaginary moustache* "Oh reeeeally?"
Cameron: "There's bound to be plenty of cars around with the same hubcaps. You shouldn't get all suspicious just because they live so close to us."
Me: *thinking, thinking, thinking*
Cam: "'re not thinking about stealing one of their hubcaps are you? That would be so many shades of wrong!"
Me: *snapping back to reality* "Of course not!"
Cam: "Good!"
Me: *looking sideways slyly* "But, YOU could."
Cam: ????

We continued to debate the issue whilst driving home and reversing into the garage. As I unlock the door to the house:

Cam: "You've got a warped mind, you know that?"
Me: "All you'd need to do is wait til it gets's only a quick walk down the street."
Cam: "What if someone SEES me!??"
Me: "Geez, don't freak out about it! I'd bail you out!"
Cam: *looking over the top of his glasses at me* "Ok, this joke is now being taken too far."
Me: "Look...I'm a single parent, earning a part time wage..with two teenage sons to car is now minus one of it's hubcaps. Dont you think it's a sign to have THAT car with THOSE hubcaps living THAT close to our house??"

Cam: *picking up phone and pretending to dial* "Hello? Is that the local mental institution?...I've got a special case here for you."

I'm losing faith in him as a teenager. There are far too many signs of him being a goody-two-shoes.

I am gonna have to whack that outta him somehow.
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