Monday, September 26, 2005

No smell? How is that possible?

I came home from work today to find 7 teenage boys strewn in various positions around my lounge. The house was all closed up, the temperature was fairly warm, so make that 7 teenagers stewing in their own smell in my lounge. Ok, it wasn't that bad, I wasn't overwhelmed with it or anything, but even so. Cameron had moved his computer out to the lounge, hooked it up to the tv and they were all glued to the screen when I walked in the door.

Except Ryan...who made it his business to walk straight at me as I entered...his finger at his mouth "sssshhhhh". So much for being the king of my home an' all that. Ah well, at least they feel comfortable being here...that's a good thing.

Right, change of subject.

A couple of weeks ago, the police turned up at work. They were enquiring about one of our patients. Apparently he'd not been heard from in a while and a relative from Auckland (near the top of the North Island) had become concerned about him. We hadn't seen him since the end of last year. turns out the guy's a bit of a recluse, lived down a driveway on a back section, and his neighbour (also much of a recluse) and him, had an agreeement that they would collect each other's mail if need be. The relative from Auckland turned up due to her concern...found the door locked and no answer. Called the police.

The police eventually got into the house, to find the patient....deceased...sitting up in his armchair! He'd passed away peacefully while sleeping in his armchair, and stayed that way for over 10 months...his neighbour continuing to collect his mail for that length of time!

Can you imagine?? 10 months??! You'd think that someone would've noticed an unusual smell, wouldn't you?

He was only 62 years old. How very sad to be dead for that length of time, and noone noticing. was a cheerful change of subject eh? lol
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