Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Now you see me, now you dont

This is probably something you're already aware of, but possibly not using.

This is part of an HTML code for your posts or templates if you want to use it.

When you put a link in your post, if you don't use this type of HTML code along with that link, then the reader will be taken away from your the link. Of course, you want them to view the link, but if they click on it and they haven't read your whole post yet...well..sometimes they may not even come back to read the rest of your post. *gasp*

And who wants to be writing such wonderful posts, to find that readers only get as far as the link you've put on there, right? Imagine all the wonderful reading material they've missed out on??! Imagine sitting here writing all that magnificent material to find they don't read it all??! (*slaps hands on sides of face crying "OH NO!"*)

For example:

Let's say we linked my sweetheart Walker. We click on the 'link' icon while we're creating our post....the link box appears....we copy and paste his bloggy address into it, and click "OK". Great, he's linked. Now when you're readers click on that link in the middle of your post, they go directly to his page...hurray!

BUT by leaving out the code I'm about to give you, that means your page will now turn into his. Yet, they may not have finished reading your entire post yet. (No way!) A post you sat here for ages tweaking this way and that to get the words right...a post that you put your heart and soul into...possibly blood, sweat and tears have fallen putting that post together. *presses back of hand against forehead* "Please tell me it isn't so!"

Linking Walker will show something like this in your "edit HTML" window of the post you're creating;

(clicking this will turn your website into his)

BUT, if you put in target="_blank" after the second ", (which will look like this)

href=""(1 space bar)target="_blank">Walker

this will open a NEW window with Walker's site in it, and yours will still be in the background

I have removed the tags of <> at each end so you're able to see the code...otherwise it would look just show his name...and that would defeat the whole purpose of this lesson today. You can add it to just about any HTML to open up a new, videos, pictures. (Don't type the "space bar" bit, that's just me trying to tell you to put a space in front of the word target ok?)


Course, your tried and true bloggy friends will always navigate their way back to your page, to finish off reading the rest of your post....I've done it a zillion times myself, so I guess that makes me tried and true.

But lately....the amount of blogs I read that I have to keep going back to finish is starting to bug the crap out of me. Should the page you've linked, also have links in it's post, well shit...I can get lost amongst all the linkage. I can feel like I've been put to work on the chain gang *groan*.

Anyway, it's there if you want to use it. I do hope I've made some sense...if not, I'll blame it on the hyperventilating I did whilst cleaning out the cat litter box this morning.

I'm a lazy cow, and hitting the back button is causing me undue stress...which in turn makes me a mad cow.

An unsavoury morsel at the best of times.

(No offence to anyone, I love you all! I just wasn't sure if you were aware of it. Oh and one more thing...I'm hopeless at remembering to put that code in half the time myself, I'm forever having to go back and edit lol)
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