Saturday, September 24, 2005

Oh dear

Now come you REALLY think I'd go ahead and bare my body for the whole world to see? Well, you know what I mean...maybe three extremely drunk guys sitting at the foot of the stage. To them I'd be the best stripper they ever saw....even if all they saw were my hands floating back and forth on either side of the pillar.

I know there were a few of you, who that had your suspicions that I wouldn't do anything like that. The fact that the doubt was there is encouraging to read. Course, it also means you're not really sure I wouldn't be nuts enough to do such a thing....that's not a bad thing either I reckon. Keep the crowd guessing etc etc.

So, no, I've not signed up to become an exotic dancer. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I just don't have the balls and bravado (same thing?) to subject the audience to my nakedness. It scares the shit out of me at the best of's surely going to horrify and cause trauma to them. They'd be scarred for life! There's be an upward rise of therapy consultations already, just at the very thought.

Bless you Monica, for having faith in me and keeping my bloggy morals in place. TG deserves a mention here of course too. I could see the expression on her face as she said out loud to herself "You. did. not."

I think most of you are well aware that Walker would actually rather commit armed robbery before he'd allow me to go dancing naked on stage, to get him to New Zealand. Naaah, he wouldn't go to that extent.

I ask you...could you really imagine our Walker as a scary gangster in black leather, waving a gun in the air and yelling in a gruff voice for everyone to freeze?? too.

Damn sexy image eh?


I've been a bad blogger friend this week. It may seem like I've not been around you much, but I assure you, I have been reading. I just haven't been commenting due to time constraints, a spot of illness etc. I'll try to do better with the commenting this week. Scout's honour.
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