Friday, September 16, 2005

One Hair At A Time

Right, firstly, let's get all the grumpy stuff out of the way. Don't panic, I aint gonna be harping on like I did yesterday, it's ok...oh....come back! *sigh*

Thanks to all those that weathered my emotional blah de blah yesterday and commented. You guys rock! I am truly blessed to have such sporting and good hearted people read me and for this I am grateful. It's good to know we can say whatever the fuck we like (oh, can I say "fuck"? oh yeah, fucken right I can, cos this is my blog, we established that yesterday, doh). I'll start's good to know we can say whatever we like, about whatever we like. Rant, gush, whatever, it's all good.

Last night I spat out that post, then went offline to settle down and watch some telly. During this time, I attempted to pluck my eyebrows. Now, I don't have bushy eyebrows, but it'd been a few weeks since I'd touched them. Each morning before work, as I put the little amount of make-up on that I wear, I'd think "Shit, I mustn't forget to do something about that before they take over my face". Ok, it wasn't that bad, but you get my gist...there was a bit of tidying up to be had in that department.

Any of you had your legs waxed (or wherever) when you're pre-menstrual? Yeah, that's right, I'm pre-menstrual....who knew??! hahaha, you all shoulda known by the way I over reacted yesterday. But hey, who would've dared to mention that? And I sure as hell wasn't going to say it on my blog to give anyone ammunition lol. Ah well, I'm sure my readers are aware I'm a sensitive soul at the best of times, let alone at this time.

Anyway, I digress...kinda...sorta. I started off with the tweezers and wouldn't you know it...each and every damn hair I plucked out hurt like a SON OF A BITCH! I already know that it's not wise to do the waxing/plucking thing at this time...every part of our bodies is that much more sensitive than usual (hence the great sex that can be had while PMSing, WHOOP!).'s done now...despite the swearing, eye-watering and sneezing etc, I now have two finely 'tuned' eyebrows to leave the house with.

It's Friday here Down Under....yet I know it's still Thursday where some of you are. And due to it being Thursday still in other countries, I'm going to post my first and possibly only pic for HNT (half nekkid Thursday). This is a combination of one of my favourite funky, chunky pieces of jewellery (made of natural paua shell), with a smidgeon of my cleavage....enjoy! Or not. I've uploaded it as a small pic....can't have you being overwhelmed by it now can I?

Picture 186a

Have a great day/night everyone...I'll be round to see you all after work tonight. Over and out!
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